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12 things that are currently missing

12 things that are currently missing

Roman Samborskyi / Shutterstock.com For more than two long years, Americans have struggled to find many products that were once readily available. T

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Shocked woman with a bath of popcorn
Roman Samborskyi / Shutterstock.com

For more than two long years, Americans have struggled to find many products that were once readily available. The list of specific goods that are in short supply has changed from time to time, but the trend of empty store shelves has remained frustratingly persistent.

Now another dozen products and services suddenly disappear before our eyes.

Here are some items that have suddenly become AWOL.

1. Baba formula

N-studio / Shutterstock.com

Unless you have lived off the grid, you know about this shortage. The news is filled with stories of desperate parents scrambling to find this baby essential.

Factories have increased formula production, but reports say it is unlikely things will improve any time soon.

2. Female care products

calimedia / Shutterstock.com

A shortage of female care products is the result of a shortage of staff in factories, transport issues and the rising cost of raw materials, according to NPR.

Fortunately, Procter & Gamble – which makes Tampax – say the problem should be temporary.

3. Airline pilots

Angelo Giampiccolo / Shutterstock.com

In 2009, a tragedy occurred when Colgan Air Flight 3407 crashed into a house and killed 49 passengers, the crew and one person in the house.

Congress responded to the wreck by requiring new pilots to receive 1,500 hours of training and additional certification, which made training much longer and more expensive.

Then, during the pandemic, the airline industry spurred a wave of early retirement among pilots.

The combination of these factors has led to a pilot shortage that makes flights harder to find and more expensive.

4. Contrast dye

Contrast dye
A.UDOMRATSAK / Shutterstock.com

If you need a medical imaging test, the availability of contrast dye is probably the last thing on your mind. However, this dye – which is injected into the patient to highlight parts of the body during scans – is now in short supply.

As a result, patients now face backlogs as hospitals ration the dye.

5. Popcorn

Women watching TV
Prostock Studio / Shutterstock.com

In difficult times like today, simple pleasure means more than ever before. Unfortunately, even a bowl of popcorn can now be difficult to come by.

Increased attendance at movie theaters clashes with the higher cost of fertilizer, a shortage of truck drivers and other factors causing a shortage in the supply of popcorn, reports the Wall Street Journal.

6. Electric vehicles

Man charging a Nissan Leaf electric vehicle
nrqemi / Shutterstock.com

With gas prices reaching record highs, it may be time to buy an electric vehicle – if you can get one.

Electric cars may be the wave of the future, but here in the present, models manufactured by Ford, GMC, Rivian and Lucid have backlogs of orders and bookings, reports CNBC.

The result: If you want an electric car soon, get ready to pay more than sticker price.

7. Lithium

Electric motor lithium battery pack
asharkyu / Shutterstock.com

Lithium, a metal used in the manufacture of electric vehicle batteries, is in short supply.

Time reports that the price of lithium carbonate has exploded, 432% higher in a year. In addition, it becomes more difficult to extract enough lithium carbonate from the soil to keep up with supply.


Being a lifeguard requires diligence, responsibility and teamwork.
Being a lifeguard requires diligence, responsibility and teamwork. (Photo by katacarix / Shutterstock.com)

A shortage of workers is now emerging in America’s oceans, lakes and pools.

Bernard J. Fisher II, director of health and safety at the American Lifeguard Association, tells Fox News that a lack of lifeguards by August will be “a total disaster.”

Fisher says in the past year, temporary foreign workers have been hired to fill gaps in staff. But the pandemic has caused such programs to slow down or deteriorate.

9. Helium

Edward Haylan / Shutterstock.com

Issues at helium-processing plants lead to gas shortages, which are a problem for several industries, including healthcare, technology and manufacturing.

In fact, 10% of the world’s stockpile of helium comes from a Texas plant that was shut down due to staff shortages and safety concerns.

10. Sriracha

calimedia / Shutterstock.com

The stock of the popular hot sauce sriracha has become cold.

Huy Fong Foods Inc. in California, which produces sriracha, warns that a surprise crop failure of the spring chilli crop means a shortage of hot sauce that could last into the fall.

11. Semiconductor chips

Semiconductor chip
MaIII Themd / Shutterstock.com

The shortage of semiconductor chips is almost as old as the COVID-19 pandemic itself.

After two years of supply chain issues, a lack of these chips now threatens the production of next-generation smartphones, according to the Wall Street Journal.

12. Camp Counselors

Camp counselor with children
Vikulin / Shutterstock.com

Finally, just as the weather is getting warmer, summer camps are experiencing a staff collapse.

A shortage of camp counselors means many camps cut back on programs or cancel them altogether.

CNN reports that one of these camps – Camp Fire Camp Toccoa in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in northeast Georgia – recently posted the following on its Facebook page about its decision not to hold overnight camps this year:

“No amount of leaf that blows, paints and repairs will place a counselor in each cabin. No amount of advertising, networking and direct contact with individuals looking for summer staff has produced a staff large enough to run our magical overnight programs. “

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