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3 upcoming changes to Google Ads audience features

Google Ads reminds advertisers of some changes in audience targeting and reporting features. These changes, shared via email with advertisers, are fa

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Google Ads reminds advertisers of some changes in audience targeting and reporting features. These changes, shared via email with advertisers, are fairly minor and some of them have already started rolling out to accounts.

Reusing the masses. Advertisers will be able to reuse audiences across campaigns. When you create an audience to use in a campaign, Google Ads will save it so you can use it again in a future campaign.

This feature is now available for use as an audience signal in Performance Max and will soon be available in Discovery campaigns, Video Action and App campaigns. The ability to reuse audiences will expand to more campaign types in the coming months, according to tweet From Jenny Marvin, Google Advertising Products Coordinator.

new terms. Google Ads renames some key terms in the Audience Report and throughout Google Ads. You may have already seen this on some accounts.

for example, Audience types (eg, similar, custom, in the market, affinity) now audience segments And Remarketing it is now your information. Here is the full list of name changes:

New public reports. Google is integrating Audience reports into a new Audiences tab. You’ll find reports on demographics, audiences, and exclusions in the navigation menu on the left. Google said this is a “simplified view” of all the same reporting features. This is another change that you may have already seen on some accounts.

Why do we care. Instead of manually rebuilding audiences in each campaign, new, reusable audiences will allow advertisers to save time while keeping targeting consistent across campaigns. The experience should be similar to how custom segments currently work, where once an audience is created, they can be applied to any campaign rather than manually checking types in each campaign. The changes to audience segments will then be distributed to all campaigns that target audience segments.

This is the email from Google, shared on Twitter by Tweet embed:

(click to enlarge)

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