3 Ways to Get a Free Google Ads Promotional Code or Coupon in 2022

With an effective Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) strategy, the more you invest, the more leads and sales you get in return. Fortunately, there

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With an effective Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) strategy, the more you invest, the more leads and sales you get in return. Fortunately, there are ways to get a free Google Ads promotional code or coupon for advertising credits by visiting existing providers, coupon sites, or going directly to Google. Find out how to get hundreds of free Google Ads promotional codes in free advertising credits to launch your online advertising strategy.

1. Get a free Google Ads promotional code from service providers

It’s not uncommon for providers to encourage the purchase of plans and upgrades with a free promotional code for Google Ads. For example, some WordPress web hosting companies include Google Ads coupons with hundreds of dollars in free advertising credits.

Not using WordPress? No problem. Top all-in-one website builders for small businesses Squarespace and Wix also have free Google Ads credits. Here are some of the providers you may be using (or considering) offering free Google Ads coupons:

  • Web hosts: Some of the best web hosting companies offer Google Ads promotional codes to their customers:
    • Bluehost: Purchase a Plus or Higher Shared Host Plan to get a free $ 200 Google Ads credit for new Google Ads customers.
    • HostGator: With any shared hosting plan, HostGator customers receive $ 150 free Google Ads credits when they spend $ 25 on advertising. Plans start at $ 2.75 per month.
  • Website Builders: If you opt for a site builder instead of WordPress, you can still get free advertising money from providers like Squarespace and Wix. Each offers different terms:
    • Squarespace: Businesses in the US that spend at least $ 500 on Google Ads receive a $ 500 Google Ads coupon (new Google Ads customers only).
    • Wix: Subscribe to any plan above the entry-level combo plan to receive $ 100 of free Google ads when you spend $ 50 as well as $ 100 advertising credits on both Bing ads (Microsoft ads) and local listing entries.
  • Business tools and software: In addition to the above, you may also be using a product or tool that offers customers promotional codes for Google Ads. For example, Divvy is a business card and expense management platform that offers users $ 150 in Google Ads credits (and many other money-saving extras).

Check with providers you use or are considering to find out if a free Google Ads promotion or coupon is available. In addition to business software, other services can also come with free credits as well as other types of rewards to offset your Google advertising costs. For example, several leading business credit cards come with fringe benefits for businesses advertising on Google Ads.

The Chase Ink Preferred Card gives you 3x rewards on the first $ 150,000 spent on ad purchases. Similarly, the AMEX Gold Card gives 4x rewards for your first $ 150,000 spent on advertising (if you make it one of two categories for 4x rewards outlined in its terms and conditions). Although it is not advertising credits per se, it does in kind provide compensation for advertising and other business expenses.

2. Search coupon sites for Google Ads promotional codes and coupons

Coupon aggregated sites can be a great way to find a Google Ads promotional code for free or AdWords matching credits. One of the best is CouponFollow, as, unlike other more well-known Google Ads coupon code sites, its results come directly from Google vs. third-party businesses. If you’re not new to Google Ads, try sites like RetailMeNot and Coupons.com to find promotional codes for existing users.

It’s worth checking coupon sites regularly for promotional codes. This is especially useful if you are not a new user and can not take advantage of new client sign-in promotions from existing accounts. It’s pretty common for Google Ads promotional codes to be available on a short term basis during holidays and special occasions, so make a point to check around the holidays.

Get free credits directly from Google

Last but certainly not least, you can get free advertising credits from Google. Going directly to the source is one of the best ways to get promotional codes and free advertising credits. Not only does Google offer new users free ad credits to help them get started, but it also regularly offers free ad credits to existing users. This includes special programs, such as free credits to non-profits.

Visit Google Ads directly to review current promotional codes and to learn more about its special programs for nonprofits and small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Here are some of the most popular Google Ads programs for free advertising credits:

  • New and recurring user incentives: If you’re new to Google Ads or have not advertised for a while, Google will give you $ 500 worth of advertising credit after you spend $ 500 to help you get started. Check your Google Ads account to see if you have any available advertising credits and incentives directly from Google. You can also get these codes when setting up your free Google Business Profile (GBP).
  • Google Advertising Grants for Nonprofits: Google wants to help those on a mission to help others, so it has a grant program for registered nonprofits. Learn more about Google Ad Grants to see if you qualify for up to $ 10,000 in advertising credits and how to advertise for free on Google.

How to get more out of your Google advertising spend

If you’re just starting out with Google Ads, find out how to set up your account in 10 steps and start advertising on Google to grow your business. Ultimately, you want to maximize your advertising spend so that it goes further and sees a higher return on advertising spend (ROAS).

Help your budget move forward by excluding negative keywords, using high quality landing pages that convert, optimizing ads, and using a professional ad management service. Also consider using other paid search platforms like Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing Ads) or paid social media like Facebook ads.

Here are other ways to help you improve results and maximize your ROAS:

  • Add Negative Keywords to Your Negative Keyword List: Businesses are wasting a ton of advertising campaign spending on irrelevant keywords. Avoid this by reviewing the keywords that were included in searches when your ads were running, and adding any irrelevant or low-quality keywords to your negative keyword list. This way, your ads will not show up on searches that include these keywords.
  • Use quality landing pages: It’s great to get clicks, but conversions are even better. Do not waste money on clicks that link to pages that do not convert effectively. Rather, learn how to create landing pages that convert to increase your return on investment (ROI).
  • Optimize ads: To get the highest ROAS, you will need to constantly optimize and improve your ads. To do this, you will need to religiously track your advertising data so that you know what works and what does not, and what you need to change. By fine-tuning your campaigns, you can lower your cost-per-click (CPC), which helps you get more clicks for your budget and higher returns on your campaigns.
  • Increase ROI with ad management services: If you are not a Google Ads expert and do not have time to learn, outsourcing is a better option. Small business advertising agencies with advertising management services like Hibu and Lyfe Marketing have affordable services to enhance your campaigns.
  • Try other paid search platforms: Google Ads is not the only paid search platform or the cheapest. Consider diversifying and using Microsoft ads to further your advertising spending. Like Google Ads, there are ways to get free Microsoft Ads credit — in fact, most web hosts, site builders, and software also offer Microsoft Ads promotional codes for free.
  • Try paid social ads: Extend your advertising budget by using paid social ads, such as Facebook ads. Average cost-per-click tends to be lower than Google Ads, giving you the unique opportunity to reach specific audiences by using advanced targeting options. Learn more about Facebook advertising costs or weigh the pros and cons of Facebook ads over Google ads.

Pro tip: Is it time to leave your Google ads to the pros? By using a top digital marketing agency like Hibu, you can focus on your business with the peace of mind that your advertising strategy will yield a higher return on advertising spend.

6 Google Ads Statistics That Make It Worth It To Use

Still wondering if Google Ads is a viable marketing strategy for your business? Numbers do not lie, and these Google Ads statistics show that it’s a great way to get your business ahead of prospects in online searches.

Here are six reasons why Google Ads is a great marketing tool for small businesses:

Frequently Asked Questions (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I use Google to advertise my business?

Google Ads provides an affordable way to gain online visibility and increase sales for your business; get the step-by-step instructions on how to advertise on Google. Apart from Google Ads, you can also verify and list your business on Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business). This step is free and helps boost your business’s visibility to local searchers.

How much should I budget for Google ads?

The cost of advertising on Google varies, and how much you need to budget depends on how much money your business can save. This is because Google Ads works on pay-per-click (PPC), where you pay only for the clicks your ad receives and not for the number of times your ad appears. This fee is called your cost-per-click (CPC). CPCs range from as little as less than 20 cents to more than $ 30 per click. However, the average CPC is just under $ 3.

Does Google Ads require a lot of time to manage?

The amount of time it takes to run Google Ads varies greatly, but can be significant, especially for businesses with a lot of keywords. Time-limited businesses will benefit from using a PPC advertising service like Hibu or Lyfe Marketing to build and manage ads on your behalf. Alternatively, Fiverr is an excellent option for affordable freelance advertising management services for as low as $ 5.

Bottom Line

There are many ways to find a free Google Ads promotional code or coupon for free advertising credits. Business services like Bluehost web hosting, all-in-one site builders Squarespace and Wix, and expense management software Divvy all offer free AdWords credits. In addition, you can get in kind rewards for offsetting advertising costs through some of the best business credit cards.

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