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Improving your Google My Business rankings is essential because high ranking means more visibility. This means your target market can easil

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Improving your Google My Business rankings is essential because high ranking means more visibility. This means your target market can easily find you online when they are looking for businesses in your industry. Especially for local businesses, a Google My Business (GMB) account is an essential tool for improving your local search engine optimization (SEO). After creating such an account, here are the things you need to do to rank higher on search engine results pages:

1. Complete your Google My Business profile

The first thing you need to do is fill out your account with up-to-date, comprehensive and accurate information. This data will appear when people run into your business, so a complete profile will help you stand out. And here are the essential parts you need to fill in:

  • Description: Prioritize the information you enter here as the knowledge panel can only accommodate the first 250 characters. These characters are what Googly only displays, but your GMB allows you to enter 750 characters on your list entry. And what you need to remember here is to highlight striking information that will resonate with your business or brand. You should also add at least one keyword to improve search visibility, but do not cram it into search terms.
  • Business category: Connect with customers looking for your services by choosing the right category to describe your business. It is also one of the many factors that significantly affect your GMB rankings. Therefore, it is also best to use appropriate keywords when choosing a category. For example, it might be best to add ‘Chinese Restaurant’ as your primary category instead of ‘Restaurant’. It means becoming more specific rather than being too general.
  • Name, address, telephone number (NAP): If you have a website, it’s best to use the name of your business listed on it. Then you need to capture the exact location of your business on GMB. Lastly, your contact number will help customers reach you easily. These essentials in your listing will enable your potential customers to click on your profile.
  • Other: The other information you can add to your profile, such as availability, working hours and website URL. Use it to make you more visible and accessible to your customers.

2. Automate Google My Business postings

GMB profile is like a social media profile that requires posts or content. However, you do not have to do this manually. Either hire local SEO services to help you manage your posts or automate them using social media automation tools. When hiring local SEO services, it will be up to them to think about relevant placements that will help you rank your listing higher.

Meanwhile, a social media automation tool helps you manage your content. For example, you can schedule your posts in a shared calendar. This includes adding call-to-action buttons and photos for all types of GMB postings. You can do this once a week as the posting will be automated after you schedule it.

3. Add pictures or videos to your listing

Important information is not enough to promote your business. You should also include virtual tours, videos and images to showcase your services or products. Doing so can give your customers a glimpse of your business, so it’s best to upload attractive photos or videos.

By getting them more interested in your business, customers are more likely to check your website or contact you to use your products or services. It’s also better than previous customers uploading photos about your business, and this feature will be available once your business listing is verified. So, when Google search results pages show your business, they will also show the videos or photos with the most views.

You should also add your brand’s cover photo or logo to make them more familiar with your business. But you need to upload photos with JPG or PNG formats and have sizes between 10KB and 5MB.

4. Take advantage of reviews

Another ranking factor that you can benefit from is customer reviews. In addition to using it to boost your reputation, customer reviews encourage people to trust your brand. When previous customers share their experience with your business online, it can encourage more potential customers to do business with you.

In addition, show that you appreciate each customer’s feedback by responding to all reviews. If they leave positive thoughts, then thank them. Or apologize and address issues if customers give negative feedback. You should also answer queries as this can help you to become more professional. You can do this by accessing your GMB profile, which is one of the powerful features of GMB that you should use.

5. Include special features and characteristics

Although specific characteristics depend on your category, you may want to consider helping customers learn more about your business. The following are some examples of category-specific features:

  • Different types of buttons such as orders, bookings and appointment bookings
  • Health Insurance Information Included for US Healthcare Providers
  • List of services displayed for service-oriented businesses
  • Popular dishes, dish photos and menu uploads for bars and restaurants
  • Amenities, check-in and check-out times, highlights, sustainability practices, class rating display for hotels

The best thing about this is your chance to choose up to 10 categories to ensure that you can be eligible for one of the mentioned features. You can even include factual features in your GMB profile for specific clients. For example, the addition of outdoor seating, free Wi-Fi or wheelchair accessibility can encourage more potential customers if they need such services.

It’s also easy to edit or add features. You need to click ‘Information’ from your control screen and click ‘Add Attributes’ under the ‘From Business’ section. Click on the pencil next to ‘From the business’ to review the features already added. Check all the features that are appropriate for your business, then click ‘Apply’. Voila! You’re done, and your prospects can quickly check these features included in your profile.

The higher your GMB ranks on search engine results pages, the more customers can see what your business is all about. And if you consider all the tips above, you’re more likely to be on the first pages of search results. Doing those things may take time, but it will be worth it in the long run.


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