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6 upcoming updates for Google Performance Max campaigns

Seven new updates - the most interesting of which is the ability to improve in-store sales - are coming to Performance Max (PMax) campaigns.Performanc

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Seven new updates – the most interesting of which is the ability to improve in-store sales – are coming to Performance Max (PMax) campaigns.

Performance Max, Google’s newest campaign type, is a major focus of this year’s Google Marketing Live. Here’s a summary of all the Performance Max-related announcements from the Google event, as well as one update that Google shared exclusively with Search Engine Land.

In-store goals. Google has been steadily rolling out Performance Max optimization changes online from the start, and now it’s time for a native add-on.

PMax campaigns will have the ability to improve store sales targets to increase store sales, store visits, and local actions.

These additions will now give traditional companies a reason to test Performance Max campaigns in their accounts.

Optimization result for maximum performance. This addition led Google to double down on automation by putting automated optimization tips into its most automated campaign type.

The example given to advertisers gives a useful recommendation to improve the acquisition of new customers. This is now being rolled out globally.

blast campaigns. The new ‘dash’ feature within Performance Max campaigns will work in tandem with store goals and will allow advertisers to announce a specific time frame for achieving store goals. If users have in-store goals configured, they will be able to increase personal seasonal visits.

Additional Insights and Explanations. Advertisers will receive more information about their Performance Max campaigns with Expanded Insights.

These include consumer, audience and auction insights within Performance Max campaigns. Although this data may not be acted upon due to the nature of the campaign type, it will show users what drives performance.

Performance Max Experience Tools. Yes, in the event “Performance Max” and “Experience” were used in the same sentence. But, no, experiences don’t come in Performance Max campaigns.

These are Experiment Tools to show you how PMax can drive increased conversions from your existing Google Ads campaigns.

While this may sound ideal, advertisers should proceed with caution. Rather than an “apples to apples” comparison, these tools will take your existing “similar campaigns” and maximum performance layer up front with the goal of showing how much of an increase can be seen.

Similar campaigns are currently fixed, so advertisers can’t “control” this experience. PMax campaigns can often have favorable branded/competitor/remarketing audiences/branded audiences.

Knowing that there is no useful data provided by Performance Max campaigns, one must strive to gauge where the extra volume is coming from and whether it is incremental.

Finally, these experiences are for non-retail campaigns and are in beta, open to advertisers globally.

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More availability and access. Advertisers using Google Ads or Search Ads 360 will now be able to manage Performance Max campaigns. PMax campaigns have had fewer access reports available since their introduction, but Google has been quickly patching these vulnerabilities. This patch will allow Google Ads and Search 360 users to take the test as well.

Performance Max for Hotels
Another update that will arrive in Performance Max campaigns in the second half of 2022 is the addition of hotel ads. The expansion will allow hotels to take advantage of Performance Max to promote properties across all Google channels including property queries on search.

PMax’s hotel app will include pre-populated asset sets for all hotel properties and will automatically generate images, descriptions, and videos. Advertisers will be able to review and edit these ownership assets as well.

why do we care. These new additions should give advertisers more data and options for these automated campaigns. As the holiday season approaches, in-store goal improvements mixed with quick campaigns may give stores a temporary way to increase volume.

Note that the experiment tools are different from traditional Google Ads experiments. They won’t allow Performance Max campaigns to be tested against each other, but instead as an addition to your account’s “similar campaigns”, so use them with caution. These experiences may seem more like a Performance Max sales tool than a real A/B test, but we’ll all know more once we can evaluate the hands-on.

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