7 Best business to start with little or no money in 2021

7 Best business to start with little or no money in 2021

Now is a better time to start your own business and in this article we are looking at the best business to start. The pandemic has made it clear that

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Now is a better time to start your own business and in this article we are looking at the best business to start. The pandemic has made it clear that having a job or just going to college is no longer a complete financial plan. You certainly have to be the master of your own destiny.

Still, there’s a lot of confusion out there especially for beginners as to what the best business model is to get started with. Looking at all these different business models, they’re pulled in one direction and another direction.

Let us look at the best way to go if you are broke; if you’ve got no money and by the conclusion of this article, you will hopefully have just one business model if you have no experience; if you’ve got no money and if you want to get started with the business in 2021.

Now two common business models out there that I’ll just go ahead and debunk right away are real estate investing and trading. I think there’s a lot of gurus out there.

I think the people who try to sell this as an opportunity really need to take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves are they being honest with their audience because look you are not going to invest your way out of being broke.

Investing in real estate and becoming a trader is not starting a business and as I said you’re not gonna invest your way out of being broke. Furthermore, when you’re first getting started you need a business

model that you can start with very little capital.

By the way, most of the time you will not even have enough money to get your busines started properly. Yes, you can tell me all you want about deal sourcing – and by the way, deal sourcing in real estate, you’re really just self-employed and you’re providing a service for another person.

But that’s not real estate investing and you can tell me all you want about no money down deals, but

it’s just not realistic and as I said I think it is absolutely immoral to recommend that to absolute beginners.

If you go down the trading route and you’re really really good and guess what, who knows maybe you might double your money in the first three months now that’s impressive now you have a million dollars.

But if you’re sitting on a thousand dollars like most beginners by the end of it, you’re probably making

Less in terms of the amount of hours you put in compared to how much money you’re making. You’re probably making less than minimum wage at that point and the other really important thing to remember, for example for those of you guys, who want to get into trading as a business model, you’re only assuming that you make money.

What about if you lose money and most traders lose money in their first year. So in terms of trading and real estate as a business model for beginners or with people, who have very little capital forget about it. As I said, it kind of almost makes my blood boil to see people legitimately recommend that as a best route for beginners.

By the way, I am not opposed to trading I’m not opposed to investing in real estate. I am not opposed

to investing whatsoever I’m just saying, I didn’t get to the point where I am – after starting off with no money, using real estate deals or a 2 000 dollar Robinhood or crypto portfolio.

Best business to start with little or no money in 2021

So, let’s go over some creative business ideas that you can start with no money. Some will be completely virtual, meaning that you can do them with just a computer and internet connection, and some will be in-person businesses.

  1. e-commerce. Make money online through things like dropshipping and Amazon FBA. E-commerce is hot at the moment especially due to the pandemic as nobody wants to go out to the shops. By the way, if you don’t know what dropshipping is – it’s where you find a product on a website like Alibaba, you white label that product you put up a website to run ads or pay influencers to send traffic to that website. The difference between what you charge on the product compared to what it actually costs – that difference right there is what you keep minus refunds, disputes, merchant fees etc. Amazon FBA is fulfilled by Amazon, so basically what that means is you buy a bunch of stock. You send it off to Amazon; then when people are searching on the Amazon marketplace, they might see your product and buy.
  2. Print on demand – it’s a business model where you can start a clothing company without any capital.
  3. Niche content blog – create a blog that is centered around a specific category. Its easy to set up – to get web hosting and to register a domain for cheap.
  4. Door to door sales – this is an effective way to learn sales while generating tons of commissions. Basically find products that are selling during that period or season or in that geographical area and go door to door.
  5. Virtual Assistant on Upwork or Fiverr – Everything is online nowadays – including work. You can sell your skills on Upwork and on Fiverr. Ideally, this allows you to work for a company in an industry you are interested in and you can make some really good money.
  6. Personal Training – if you’re big on fitness and healthy living, this can be one of the most rewarding and scalable business ideas on this list. You will be surprised how many people want to be fit and how much they are willing to pay someone, who can show them how.
  7. TikTok / Instagram influencer manager – You can actually make money online by managing brand deals for social media influencers. While influencers can rake in a lot of money from brands, some of them either don’t know how to go about it or don’t have time to meet with brands to iron out the deals. You can be the go-between and earning a portion of the revenue. Given the popularity of social media and influencing, this is a huge untapped market!

I hope you found this article helpful. Remember, these are all ideas and to turn them into 6-8 figure businesses, you need to take ACTION! Don’t let fear get in the way of you pursuing the lifestyle and financial success you want.

If you have other business ideas that people can start on cheap or with no money, leave in the comments section below.


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