Business Ideas For The Post-Covid World

Business Ideas For The Post-Covid World

Are you looking to get out of the daily 9-5 drag in which you are trapped? Maybe you are not but better ideas have come to you? Or is the idea of ​

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Are you looking to get out of the daily 9-5 drag in which you are trapped? Maybe you are not but better ideas have come to you? Or is the idea of ​​being your own boss simply too tempting to pass up?

Fortunately, in a world where technology is at the forefront of many industries, it’s easier than ever to go your own way. You do not need a site to open a store, just the products and a website. You do not need an office space to be a secretary, just a reliable Wi-Fi connection. You do not have to move to LA to make music friends, just set up your home.

As the saying goes, constraints cultivate creativity, which has been proven in the constraints. A lot of good ideas came up, and the best ones stuck. We put together some ideas that can encourage you to get out there on your own and make something of yourself. Read on for all the details of the best industry ideas that came out of the closure.

Online influencer


Do not mock. Depending on how you do it, there is a lot of skill and a lot of money to influence. You’re likely to see only one side of things, which is usually a well-lit photo of a coffee mug taken in the golden hour. But what if I told you that a lot of skills – creative and business – went into that shot. It can contain a product placement for a coffee company, it can be used as a networking opportunity to catch the eye of a brand or generate buzz. It can simply be used to market their own business.

And then there is the content itself, which includes everything from capturing to editing. Filming, photography, editing, music, graphic design and presentation skills are all part of making quality content. There are many transferable skills in both.

You can use influence to market your own business, or even start your own affiliate blog, which serves as a website where you can display your favorite items for commission. A few hours of work a week can earn you a full-time job.

Either way, laying down the basics of the role of an influencer will ensure that you can market just about anything else on your agenda, such as …

Food delivery
Photo credit: Mart Production / Pexels


The hospitality industry had to go through many changes through restraint. The closure very quickly made way for takeaway services, which eventually made way for social distance dining, but in that time, many new ideas came to the table about how the food service industry could shake things up.

The most common idea was food through a window. A collection / delivery service where restaurants and cafes could not serve food within their premises, and rather handed it through a window. When things reopened, the idea stuck. The roads are full of delivery drivers and cyclists for everything from the mom-and-pop cafe to the nearest fast food provider. This means fewer premises and therefore less rent, or you can even do it directly from your home kitchen, which makes the gap between beginner and business much closer.

And then there is the idea of ​​food trucks. You will be amazed at how much a food truck makes in the lunch hour alone. There was once a class bias there, where a food truck meant low quality “junk food”, but street food is on the rise. It’s usually of very high quality, tastes like nothing you’ve tried before, as they do not have to convince investors that the masses will eat it, and they’re going wherever it’s most popular at the moment. You will see food trucks at the park, at festivals, outdoor clubs, etc. It is also attractive to the customer because it is usually more affordable. If you are worried about menu prices, feel free to check out this guide.

Freelancer working on a project
Photo credit: Artem Podrez / Pexels


When the doors to offices began to open again, the response was a resounding, “Should we?” Middle managers were surprised to find that employees around the world actually enjoy working from home. There was more freedom, either to bypass external obligations like childcare or an exercise regimen, or to just stop for five minutes for a break without worrying that your boss thinks you are slacking off. And we would be remiss to mention that workers have reported getting more work done at their own pace because we know managers like productivity.

So, it just makes sense that while working from home, some employees began to wonder why they needed the middleman at all, and suddenly freelance became a viable option again. You can work at your own pace, avoid all the money spending and pollution associated with commuting, and on top of that be your own boss.

And it’s easy to apply a freelance role to almost any skill set. To get started, look at the role you are in at the moment. If you can do it from a computer, is there anything stopping you from doing it for yourself rather than a company? Think about applying a freelance job to the role you have for an easy transition.

However, if you’re trying to get out of work, you’re in, there are a lot of options out there, too. It’s all about matching your skills to the right freelance job. If you have skills in numbers, you can look into accounting. If you are handy, you can get a van and trade such as plumbing, carpentry, DIY, etc. If you have organizational skills, you can see if you are a personal assistant for multiple clients. If you have writing skills, you can look at ghost writing, copywriting, journalism, etc.

Learn online


And there’s another option if you have all these skills you can use: teaching. Teaching comes in many capacities. The traditional way of teaching in a school requires a lot of training and internships before you are in the room, but lockdown has revealed many ways how it can be easier.

If this does not appeal to you, you can use the best lesson of business life in lockdown: use video calling. Sure, traditional teachers and lecturers had to adapt to Zoom, and some did not do well there, but you’ve been using Zoom for at least a few years now, and you can use it to teach all over the world. Appoint as a personal tutor or put together university study groups to provide more personalized instruction to those who are willing to pay for a helping hand.

And to go back to the influence of the influencer…, many online courses appear on major social media accounts. You can record a curriculum of your chosen topic and sell access to it to anyone interested.

The best part of this is that you can sell courses on just about anything, whether it be fitness regimes, makeup tutorials, cooking, DIY or university subjects like social sciences and literature analysis.

If you can market yourself as a trusted resource in your field of study, you can incorporate everything you know into some simple, easily digestible content and place it behind a paywall like Patreon.


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