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Decide who can see your tweets

Test now: Twitter Circle.This new Twitter feature, now available to "certain" Twitter users, allows you to decide who can see your tweets. The number

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Test now: Twitter Circle.

This new Twitter feature, now available to “certain” Twitter users, allows you to decide who can see your tweets. The number of people can be up to 150 people.

This is the joint announcement today by Tweet embed:

Although the idea on Twitter in general is to reach as many people as possible, there are instances when you might not want that to happen.

what we know. Little so far, like when I put this to more people. But here’s what we know about the Twitter Circle so far:

  • Add people: Choose up to 150 users to include in your Twitter Circle.
  • Tweet only these people: Only people in your Twitter circle can view and reply to your Tweets.
  • Edit your circle: Twitter users will not be notified if you remove them from your circle.

If you reply to a tweet someone sent to the Circle, other members of the Circle can see and reply to your reply.

Why do we care. As confirmed by responses to our survey about Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, marketers view Twitter as a toxic substance. The word sink wouldn’t be unfair. I’ve heard from many people in the search industry that they don’t bother tweeting anymore for fear of being attacked. Many marketers have left Twitter in recent months/years due to its toxic nature.

The ability to limit tweets may have some interesting use cases for brands and companies (think: exclusive content), but it hardly changes the rules of the game. Will you get your previous users back? Doubtful.

But if you’ve stuck with Twitter for a long time, and want to avoid some of the toxic elements that come with tweeting for everyone else, you might find this a welcome feature.

Do you have memories from Google+? If so, you are not alone. If you remember, one of the main features of the failed Google social network was circles – the ability to drag and drop your contacts into different circles (for example, family, friends and work).

You can then decide who viewed the content you shared. So you can basically show completely different content to different audiences – or the same content for everyone.

Look like Facebook lists and groups? exactly. Google+ circles weren’t “new” at the time, other than the name.

Twitter Circle is basically a slightly different form of the same functionality that is offered on other platforms (for example, Close Friends on Instagram), as well as its own tweets (protected tweets). And unlike Google+, you only get one circle.

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