Did you know these striking facts about blogging?

If you run your own blog and also benefit from using the best guest posting service to grow your audience, it is essential that you keep your finger

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If you run your own blog and also benefit from using the best guest posting service to grow your audience, it is essential that you keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to what the trend is in the blogging world.

Here are some fascinating facts and figures that are worth knowing when you blog.

3 striking facts about blog

Striking facts about blogging

1. A look at some of the large numbers

Let’s start by taking a look at some of the staggering audience numbers and key statistics that demonstrate how influential blogging is in the online world.

The current estimate is that more than 20 billion pages are viewed by more than 400 million people every month, and numbers are constantly growing.

The current number of new posts published by WordPress users every month is around 70 million. This is a good reason why almost 80 million blog comments are generated every month.

If you’re wondering how powerful a blog is, you just have to look at the fact that sites with a blog are likely to have four times as many indexed pages. Importantly, if you have a blog, you can expect to get over 95% more links to your site.

More than 75% of internet users regularly read blogs and it is a communication channel that is apparently almost three times as effective as email at keeping the attention of viewers.

2. A good SEO tactic

These key figures strongly indicate that this is a great way to generate more website traffic and it is also a way to boost your conversion rate when it comes to converting readers into customers.

Using blogs as an SEO tactic consistently delivers excellent results. Industry estimates show that leads generated in this way achieve an almost 15% closing rate. Compare that to the closing rate of just over 1.5% for direct mail or print advertising methods and you quickly see how effective it is to use blog and guest posting services.

Online marketers almost unanimously agree that content creation is their most effective SEO tactic.

3. A big influence on social media platforms

Social media blogging statistics add further fuel to the idea that blogging is an extremely effective method of generating clues and growing site traffic.

More than 60% of marketers regularly use blogs as part of their social media content. Surprisingly, almost the same number of social media users would love to share an article without reading it. It shows how there is a highly valued element of trust among a blogger’s readership.

The Bottom Line

Obviously, you want to focus your marketing attention on areas that are going to achieve the best ROI. Blog statistics show how worthwhile it is to spend time and attention promoting your blog.

It is estimated that marketers who consider blogging as a top priority enjoy an ROI that is double digits.

These figures confirm that if you can create fresh and engaging content, you will enjoy positive blog revenue. What other marketing tactics can yield those kinds of returns?

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