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Do I need a server for my small business?

Do I need a server for my small business?

It's a common question - do I need a server for my small business? I get asked by small business owners all the time; does my business still need a s

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It’s a common question – do I need a server for my small business? I get asked by small business owners all the time; does my business still need a server? It is 2022 after all.

Well in this article, you’re gonna find out. Now, before we start, if you’ve got any comments about using servers in your business, then please use the comment box below.

Servers are those big PC tab devices that are installed in your office that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to buy and along with that, you’ve got to back them up. You’ve got to maintain them; you’ve got to put security software on them.

While the whole thing costs your business a fortune, they only last for about five years and after that you’ve got to repeat the process all over again.

This is why you have also seen the emergence of cloud technology things like Microsoft 365. So along with that, does your business still really need a server?

Do I need a server for my small business – the scenarios

Let’s look at some scenarios; what applications does your small business use on a day to day basis? I assume that you use email, but you don’t need a server to run email anymore.

What about files and folders? Well you don’t need a server to run your files and folders either. What about printing and scanning? I’m sure your business does that well – you don’t need a server for that anymore. So if your small business just uses email, thousand folders, printing and scanning – then you absolutely don’t need a server in your business.

If you have got a server in your business, it’s time to get rid of it and to save some money now. There are lots more businesses, who use more than a thousand folders and email resources. Take accountants for example, they use an entire case management software to run their business.

There are lots of other businesses that use their entire software packages to run their businesses. Some of these are stored in the cloud – in which case that’s fantastic. You don’t need a server, but a lot of these software packages are still traditionally based on servers inside the office.

Where to buy a server for small business

So if your business is one of those do you still need a server? Well it is 2022 after all. So I’d like to introduce you to Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft have data centers all around the world. They’ve got several in the UK alone, what you can do is rent a software server from Microsoft in one of their data centers. So, if your business still uses these applications that needs to be installed on a server, you can just put it in the Microsoft cloud.

There are a couple of advantages to doing this. The first one is you don’t need to spend thousands of to buy new servers every few years. You can just rent a server from Microsoft for a much lower monthly price.

As business owners, we all prefer to budget monthly even for our IT costs. We don’t always want to spend big amounts of money in one go.

The second advantage is disaster recovery. Your server will now be based in the Microsoft cloud, so if you are building burns to the ground, your server will be still running. You don’t have to have any sleepless nights.

So the answer to my original question – does your small business still need a server? Well, the answer is no – it’s 2022 and your business can use the power of technology to run your entire firm from the cloud.


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