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Drive performance and better digital customer experiences

Drive performance and better digital customer experiences

Intelligent linking is a critical component in delivering personal, seamless experiences that drive higher engagement and

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Intelligent linking is a critical component in delivering personal, seamless experiences that drive higher engagement and performance across all channels.

Bench Metrics, available on AWS Marketplace, solves growing gaps in attribution with predictive modeling capabilities that match important in-app events to the channels and campaigns that drove them. Using Bench Metrics links behind your marketing communications delivers a better customer experience, driving better performance.

Bench Metrics seamlessly integrates your app into every customer journey, adding new value to offline and online touch points.

Bench Metrics provides the leading deep linking and attribution platform, offering solutions unifying user experience and measurement across all devices and channels. The data from all your marketing is easily exported to a single database where it can be utilized for downstream personalization efforts and multi-touch attribution reporting. With the power of Bench Metrics, marketers see increased engagement, higher conversions, and better retention.

Join Michelle Lerner, senior director, business development at Bench Metrics and AWS, for a special conversation and hands-on solution demonstration.

You will learn:

  • About major challenges Customer Service Agents are facing today 
  • How Bench Metrics can help your organization 
  • An on-demand demo of the solution in practice 

Speaker Bio

Michelle brings over 13 years of start-up experience to Bench Metrics and is particularly passionate about cultivating strategic and meaningful relationships with channel partners. She’s a marathon runner, devoted dog mom to rescue dog Maurice, and is on a mission to find the best burrito in NYC.

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