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Free accounting software for small business

Free accounting software for small business

So what free accounting software is there for a small business that does not yet have the finances to purchase premium business accounting software?

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So what free accounting software is there for a small business that does not yet have the finances to purchase premium business accounting software? We all know accounting software is crucial in the smooth running of any business as it makes payroll, invoicing and many other tasks easier to do. In this article, we look at the free accounting software for small business.

Free accounting software for small business

Express Accounts accounting software

Express Accounts has good enough features that match the needs of micro enterprises and small businesses. It has a free version for businesses with less than five employees. It is simple to use for basic accounting needs with a browser-based add-on to allow multiple users without the need for additional licensing.

This system generates basic reports including income statement analysis, cash flow statements, invoices and balance sheets. It has more than 20 pre-configured reports which can be saved as PDF or CSV files and you can even email or fax them. 

New cash accounting software

New Cash accounting software is designed for individuals and small businesses and was initially conceived as an open source alternative to apps such as Quicken. This app has been around since the late 1990s and the most recent version is new cash 3.4. It’s available for Linux, Android and Windows. New Cash accounting software boasts some payroll features and handles multiple currencies.

Admit soft accounts

Admit soft accounting software is free because it is supported by advertising to generate revenue. This is a surprisingly thorough free accounting system and it can handle not just invoicing in statements but remittances, stock, purchase orders, budgeting and some HR functions. It is a UK program so the default is pound sterling, but it works happily in other currencies.

Money Manager X

Another superb open-source tool, Money Manager X is a well designed accounting software. It is packed with enough features to rival premium accounting software. It’s easy to understand and you’ll have your accounts and transactions set up in no time.

Money Manager X’s simplicity makes it a particularly good choice for sole traders. This free accounting software is a portable app so you can save and use it straight from a USB stick without even needing to install it. There is also an Android app version for updating your accounts on the move.

Money Manager X accounting software is impressively user-friendly and caters to small businesses across various industries such as retail, food and beverage, nonprofit, education, consumer services, and more.


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