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Funny LinkedIn emoji here

Funny LinkedIn emoji here

LinkedIn has finally added one of the most requested features. The Funny emoji has started rolling out to Linke

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LinkedIn has finally added one of the most requested features. The Funny emoji has started rolling out to LinkedIn users sometime in the last two hours.

what it looks like. It’s a blue laughing face. Here’s what the new reaction looks like:

Why is LinkedIn adding it? Because LinkedIn users demand it more than anything else from the platform. LinkedIn has become incredibly good at listening to its users and giving them what they want.

If more companies give their user bases what they really want instead – while pushing limp, minor UI improvements, or features no one asked or asked for. Funny emojis are certainly a small feature, but the ability to please a lot of users can be invaluable. It can be the difference between loyalty and abandonment.

reaction on LinkedIn. cheerful. And lots of funny emojis all over the place.

Why do we care. LinkedIn is generally seen as a professional social network. But it’s not serious anymore. There are some funny content posted on LinkedIn. Now brands, marketers, and creators who post funny content can earn the right reaction. Good and humorous content can get some excellent engagement, and sharing leads to greater visibility on the network.

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