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Google adds rich video tutorials

Google has released rich results with a new video tutorial and with support for structured data markup. This is a new form of rich results available

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Google has released rich results with a new video tutorial and with support for structured data markup. This is a new form of rich results available for display in desktop and mobile search results in English, especially for searches related to academic learning content.

What are the results of video learning. Google said these are videos that provide the “educational level, concept and skills covered in the video” that contain learning-specific information with structured data. “Encoding of educational videos aims to increase the clarity of the educational contents of the video. Markup can contain information about the different concepts and skills that are taught in the video,” Google added.

How do they look? Google provided the below screenshot as a sample, but we haven’t yet seen a curated result of a raw video tutorial in the wild yet:

when it appears. Google said that results for educational videos can appear in English in all regions where Google Search is available, when searching for academic educational content on desktop and mobile.

Guidelines. Here are the guidelines for using structured data for the educational video:

Technical Tips

  • In addition to encoding educational videos, you have to add the extension VideoObject Required and recommended properties.
  • The video must be publicly available to view without a subscription.
  • The total duration of the video must not be less than 30 seconds.
  • Video Markup must be added to a page where users can view the video. It’s a bad user experience to direct users to a page where they can’t watch the video.

More technical details can be found in this help document.

Why do we care. If you provide tutorial videos, tutorials, or how-to videos – you may want to check if the new Structured Data Markup has been added to those pages. Anything you can do to improve Google search results can help increase CTR and possibly more conversions.

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