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Google launches video health tools to help monetize publishers

Maximizing the return on stock video is an issue that you'll likely find at the top of most publishers' lists. Help is on the way for those using Ad

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Maximizing the return on stock video is an issue that you’ll likely find at the top of most publishers’ lists. Help is on the way for those using Ad Manager thanks to Google’s new select video tools.

The new features are part of Programmatic Video Health Tools and real-time video reports, with the goal of using automation to quickly display insights and information.

Software video signals

This card will create views that show performance across the different video platforms used.

Some of the items that are automatically reported include: app/web scope, viewability, and audience information. Users will also be able to see their respective revenue impact.

According to Google, “Publishers with high automated inventory signal coverage see an average 25% increase in revenue compared to inventory with low automated inventory signal coverage.”

massive errors

The Video Ad Serving Model (VAST) Error Insights Trolley will assist in reporting errors in missing ad requests. This automatic display will display the number of inventory errors caused by incorrect settings or broken creative.

It can also be sorted to find the errors that have the greatest impact on revenue.

Video performance alerts

Publishers will also have the ability to configure custom alerts based on the requirements that are most important to them. This tool, Video Performance Alerts, can create a personalized email based on campaign metrics and dimensions. The video performance alerts feature is currently in beta.

Real-time video reports

Finally, the ultimate tool, real-time video reporting, will help users solve problems sooner.

This is for those who run ads on YouTube via Ad Manager and will give them the ability to test ad serving and view ad requests, key values, and details about winning items.

Why do we care: Publishers running video ads through Ad Manager have more tools to help identify and resolve issues with their campaigns. These tools provide automation for troubleshooting and should help save publishers time and revenue.

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