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Google offers to show ad competitors on YouTube

Google offers to show ad competitors on YouTube

As part of another EU antitrust investigation, Google's parent company Alphabet has offered to allow competing a

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As part of another EU antitrust investigation, Google’s parent company Alphabet has offered to allow competing ad brokers to place ads on YouTube.

European Commission investigation. This development is likely to pave the way for Google to settle the EU investigation, which was opened last year, without having to pay a fine. The European Union has launched this latest investigation to examine whether the tech giant and the largest search and video provider is giving itself an unfair advantage by restricting competitors and advertisers’ access to user data.

Google Customize. A watchdog in the European Union has set out requirements for Google that advertisers use Ads Manager to display ads on YouTube, as well as potential restrictions on the way competitors are allowed to display ads. They’re also inquiring about Google’s requirements that advertisers use Display & Video 360 and Google Ads to purchase YouTube ads – which is how publishers buy ad spot on the popular video platform.

Another regulator, Britain’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), launched its second investigation into Google’s advertising practices last month, saying the company had “distorted competition and may unlawfully favor its own services”.

Last year, Britain imposed a competition regime to prevent Google and Facebook from “using their dominance to drive out small businesses and harm customers”.

more information. You can read the full Reuters article here.

There is no response from Google on when they plan to allow competitors to place ads on YouTube, or in the countries where this will take effect.

Why do we care. Competitive ads on YouTube allow other advertisers to compete for market share, which can benefit both advertisers and consumers. There’s no indication yet of what impact this could have on Google, but we’re certainly keeping a close eye on it.

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