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Google uses Customer Match lists for Smart Bidding and Optimized Targeting

More benefit will be given to Google Ads Customer Match lists, according to an email sent to advertisers this week.These listings will soon be eligibl

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More benefit will be given to Google Ads Customer Match lists, according to an email sent to advertisers this week.

These listings will soon be eligible for use within an account to help with smart bidding and/or improved targeting.

This is a shift from how customer match lists apply today. Currently, advertisers need to manually apply this to a campaign.

Customer match lists will not be used with manual bid strategies. However, advertisers may still use bid modifiers manually to adjust bids.

when this happens. Starting in the second quarter. The tentative timelines for rolling out customer match lists into Smart Bidding are:

Advertisers can opt out. If you don’t want Customer Match listings to apply to Smart Bidding or Optimized targeting, you will have the ability to opt out at the ad account level. To unsubscribe, go to Account settings then choose Customer Match and uncheck Use all Customer Match lists in Smart Bidding or Enhanced Targeting Box.

You can also remove lists that you do not want to be included in this targeting.

Note: Google Ad Managers cannot opt ​​out of all campaigns. This should be done at the individual account level.

Why do we care. More automation signals is a good thing. Being able to organize which lists are used or not should be a boon for advertisers. Since you will need to opt out, be sure to set aside time for each account to make sure you’re running the right customer match lists.

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