Guide to Creating an Ergonomic Workplace » Small Business Bonfire

Guide to Creating an Ergonomic Workplace » Small Business Bonfire

Whether you’re managing a small business, corporate office, or working from home you should think about creating an ergonomic workplace. Res

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Whether you’re managing a small business, corporate office, or working from home you should think about creating an ergonomic workplace. Research shows that improved ergonomics in the workplace increases health, boosts morale, and improves productivity in the office.

All factors will improve your business in the long run. Who doesn’t love having an efficiently running business with proactive and happy staff? 

Many areas can benefit from ergonomic changes. From enforcing breaks, and providing training on physical activities such as stretching and exercises. Including and not limited to making changes to the design and layout of your office space to establish an environment that promotes employee well being as a priority.

Even making changes to office furniture will keep your workers and their bodies extra happy. Here’s a guide to help you create an ergonomic workplace.

Office Design

Listen, employees spend a third if not more than half of their time at work nowadays. Their workspace must be not only deemed safe but effective. We all can agree that the standard desk height does not work for everybody. Not having the proper office ergonomics can take a toll on your body and joints. This means that you need the correct desk setup, chair height, and posture reminders to help. Things like having an adjustable or standing desk have proven beneficial for employee health.

If you have a home office or work out of a building make sure your desk and chair not only suit your height but are comfortable and aid you in proper posture. This is especially important if you spend hours at a time in front of a computer.

As places of employment continue to transition back into in-person vs. teleworking, consider your office space layout as well and make adjustments if feasible. You’ll want to be sure any outdated furniture is updated as well. The goal is to ensure the members of your office are comfortable so they can be productive and focus on important things other than their achy back or neck.  

Organized Desks

Believe it or not, desk organization improves productivity and promotes positive workflow. Try implementing a filing system instead of piling papers on your desk or throwing them off to the side. Make sure your essentials like your stapler, pens, paper clips, etc are organized and in a place within reach. You’ll want to avoid unnecessary reaching as that takes a toll on your body after long periods.

If your space is cluttered with wires, try utilizing a desk wire organizer. This will help your area look neater while also making it safe. Declutter your space and create a layout that not only makes sense but also enhances your workspace for maximum productivity. A decluttered desk makes for a decluttered brain.

Safety First 

Safety first, because a safe workplace will not only keep you out of a lawsuit but employees are likely to stick around with your company for years to come. Nobody wants to come into an unsafe workplace. If things are broken, replace them and remove all hazards immediately.

Priority should always be to keep everyone safe, healthy, and satisfied with the environment in which they are working. To care for your workers in such a way is showing them they matter, their well-being is a priority, and you are loyal to them. When you have a foundation built on loyalty you have a worker with longevity in the company. 

Take that Break 

Breaks are needed and necessary for our bodies and our brains. For improved mental function and clarity, breaks are a must. Encourage your team to take their breaks to improve their quality of work and prevent burnout. To build morale you could even enforce the entire office to break for lunch at the same time once a week.

Get outdoors, and enjoy a breath of fresh air and natural light alongside your employees. Building morale within your company is key to a healthy workplace. Boosted morale will have your staff looking forward to work. If your workers are happy to come to work, they are likely to accomplish, produce, and create while earning more for your company. 

Ergonomics has been proven to be effective and needed in the workplace. As studies have shown it reduces stress, call-outs, employment turnaround, and burnout. While increasing productivity, quality of work, and quality of health within your employers and boosting team morale. It should be applied in all office settings whether you are a one-man show or a corporation.

Making frequent assessments and implementing ergonomic changes frequently is advantageous to the quality of work being put out and to the growth of your business. An employer who focuses on the well-being of their employees makes them feel valued and safe in turn you’ll have loyal, satisfied staff.   


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