How to Get Your South Carolina Property License

Getting your South Carolina real estate license can be done in eight simple steps. You must complete 90 hours of South Carolina Real Estate Commissio

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Getting your South Carolina real estate license can be done in eight simple steps. You must complete 90 hours of South Carolina Real Estate Commission (SCREC) approved pre-licensing training, submit an exam application, complete a background check, find a sponsorship broker and finalize your license application. Follow our step-by-step guide to becoming a real estate agent in South Carolina.

Step-by-step guide to becoming a real estate agent in South Carolina.

1. Meet the Legal Requirements for Your South Carolina Property License

To become a real estate agent in South Carolina, you must meet state requirements. You must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, and be a legally admitted U.S. resident

Did you know?

South Carolina accepts licensees from other states. However, you must pass the South Carolina portion of the real estate examination, hold your license for six months before applying for reciprocity, obtain a background check, complete an affidavit of legal presence, and file an application. If you live in Georgia, you must specifically submit the Georgia application.

South Carolina is also a cooperating state in terms of portability. It allows out-of-state real estate agents or realtors to enter the state to do real estate business physically. However, for outside state agents to work on a real estate transaction, they must have a co-brokerage agreement with a licensee of that state. To learn more about the transferability of property licenses in South Carolina, check out our Guide on Reciprocity and Transferability of Property Licenses.

If you have a criminal record, you may still be able to get your South Carolina real estate license. On your application, you are required to disclose whether you have ever been convicted of a crime or approved by a licensing agency, along with a full explanation and paperwork regarding the offense. The SCREC will review your application and examine your background to determine if you qualify for a license. This process may result in a delay in processing time.

2. Complete Required Pre-Licensing Courses

If you meet the state licensing requirements, you can start your pre-licensing training. The 90 hours of SCREC-required coursework are divided into two sections: 60 hours of Unit I sales and 30 hours of Unit II Advanced Property Principles.

Unit I must be completed before taking the South Carolina real estate examination, but Unit II may be taken after passing the examination and before applying for a license. However, the Commission requires that both units be completed at an accredited real estate school before finalizing your license application. Prices vary from $ 375 to $ 649depending on your school and learning format, but each school will cover the following topics:

  • Property ownership
  • Land use controls and regulations
  • Valuation and market analysis
  • Financing
  • General principles of agency
  • Property disclosures
  • Contracts
  • Rental and property management
  • Title transfer
  • Practice of real estate
  • Property calculations
  • South Carolina Real Estate Commission and Licensing Requirements
  • Statutes governing the activities of licensees and non-licensees
  • South Carolina Agency and Non-Agency Relations and Issues
  • Additional South Carolina Statutes and Topics
Did you know?

If you have a law degree or a major in real estate at a college or university, you do not need to take the pre-licensing courses. When applying, submit a transcript as proof of your training to circumvent the 90-hour requirement.

Kaplan is an excellent choice for affordable, high-quality education to meet South Carolina property licensing requirements. It offers self-paced and on-demand classes to appeal to a variety of learning styles. In addition, it provides exam preparation and tools such as interactive study groups, professional coaching and case studies to give you a full understanding of how to be successful in your real estate career.

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3. Submit the South Carolina exam application

After completing your pre-licensing training, you must submit the South Carolina exam application either by paper or through the Labor License Registration Website Portal. You must post or upload the following documents with the application:

You will also be required to pay the $ 25 exam application fee. If the application is posted, include a check or money order that is payable to SCREC. If you submit online, you can pay with a Visa, Mastercard or online check through the portal.

4. Take the South Carolina Real Estate Exam

After you submit your South Carolina exam application, you will receive an Exam Fitness Certificate that allows you to take the license exam. The examination is separated into the national and state sections. You must both succeed in moving forward with the process. The exam is taken on the computer, so you will receive the exam results immediately after you have completed the test.

If you pass, you will receive a successful notice displayed on the screen and printout from the Exam Center. If you fail, you will receive a diagnostic report indicating your strengths and weaknesses so that you can study to retake one or both failed sections of the exam. You may repeat the examination as many times as necessary within a period of one year from the date of the eligibility letter.

South Carolina Property Examination Details

Schedule your exam

The South Carolina real estate exam is provided by the PSI, a national provider of state licensing exams. You will be able to register for the examination as soon as you have received the Examination Certificate of Fitness from the SCREC.

To begin scheduling, you will be required to create an account on the PSI website, which will then provide access to the scheduling portal. You will receive a copy of the South Carolina Candidate Information Bulletin for additional test information. The exam fee is $ 63 and can be paid directly on the website with a credit or debit card. If you need a repeat, the cost is $ 63 for both servings or $ 55 for one serving.

According to The CE Shop, the pass rate is 56% for the national section and 47% for the state section, so you need to make sure you are prepared for the test day. PrepAgent provides real estate agents with study aids such as e-books, flashcards and vocabulary worksheets to make sure they feel confident to pass the exam. In addition, learning formats such as video, self-paced, audio, and live webinars help students with a variety of learning environment options.

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5. Get fingerprints and full background

All applicants are required to obtain state and national criminal record checks from the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Instructions for this process and fee amounts will be emailed to applicants after the initial exam application is received and processed.

A valid application must be filed with the SCREC before your criminal background reports are sent to the Commission. If there is no application on file, the background check will be done after 90 days. The report must be uploaded or posted to the SCREC along with the final application. For more information, read through the SCREC Criminal Background Information Form.

6. Choose a company to work for

To hold an active license in South Carolina, you must find a sponsor broker to bind your license. To make your choice a little easier, check out our in-depth article that explains how to choose a real estate company to work for. Although there are many successful brokers in the Palmetto state, below you will find the top five brokers listed for 2022:

(Source: Real Trends 2022)

South Carolina cities with the highest median selling price 2022

As a real estate professional, it is important to be aware of the price points in the immediate and surrounding areas where you work. By knowing this information, you will be able to effectively represent buyers and sellers, as well as estimate your profits. To get an idea of ​​which cities bring the money to South Carolina, check out these Towncharts.com sales data below:

7. Finalize your South Carolina license application

After you find a sponsor brokerage firm, you are ready to finalize your South Carolina real estate license application to activate your license. Since you have already completed your exam application, you only need to upload a few more documents to the Labor License Regulation Portal to complete the application.

You will need to include your pass exam scores for the national and state portions of the real estate exam, as well as $ 50 for the biennial license fee. Applications are processed within seven working days.

8. Start your real estate career

Now that you’ve learned how to become a real estate agent in South Carolina, you’re ready to begin your professional real estate journey. For more information, here are some of our articles with content that is perfect for new real estate agents:


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