How to have an office in London while running an online business from Bali

An office in London in the UK while running an online business from Bali - does this scenario seem impossible to you? A few years ago it would have

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An office in London in the UK while running an online business from Bali – does this scenario seem impossible to you? A few years ago it would have been, but not anymore. Through a virtual office address you can realize this scenario.

If you do not know what a virtual office address is but would like to understand what it is and how it works, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will give you all the information you need and want about virtual office addresses. So, read on!

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Virtual office address: what is it?

A virtual office address, also referred to as a virtual business address, is part of the services provided by a virtual office provider. Virtual offices typically consist of the following:

  • A virtual office address
  • A telephone number
  • Administration services
  • Communication services
  • Meeting room access

Virtual offices are generally available in CBDs and main streets, worldwide. Some services provided by the providers, such as www.virtualreceptionistlondon.co.uk, such as telephone answering service, are available 24 hours a day, which means you can serve your customers and clients 24/7.

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The benefits of virtual office addresses

Virtual office addresses have a wide range of benefits, including:

1. Real business addresses for remote companies

For remotely owned and operated companies, virtual office addresses are nothing short of a blessing. They provide remote companies with authentic business addresses that can be used on the companies’ official websites and documents. Through a virtual office address, your remote company can also receive mail and packages without any hassle or hassle.

Last but not least, they help remote companies maintain a professional image.

2. Establishment of company presence in new locations

A virtual office address is one of the best ways a remote company can establish its presence somewhere new. The best thing about it is that the company does not have to incur any operating expenses that are typically associated with physical offices.

For example, if you have a virtual office address in London, you do not have to pay any money for business insurance, utilities, leases and repairs.

3. Pay according to your requirements

Virtual office service providers generally offer a wide range of membership plans to choose from, based on what you need. So there are no additional expenses that you have to worry about.

Simply pay for the services you need and save money for the most critical areas of your business.

4. More flexibility compared to physical locations

If you sign up for one of the membership plans offered by a virtual office service provider, you will be charged monthly. Compared to physical office spaces, this is a much more flexible option as you can sign out of the plan whenever you want. Lease agreements for physical locations are typically determined based on annual payments.

So, even if you stop using a space in the middle of a year, you will still have to pay the rent for the whole year.

5. Save commuting hours

Commuting can be stressful, and for employees who travel long distances to get to a physical office and then back home, it can also affect their productivity, morale, and their personal lives. With a virtual office address, commuting is not a problem.

Employees can start their day’s work simply by logging in to the virtual office. In the long run, it can improve their productivity during working hours.

6. Easy and quick setup

Building a physical office location from scratch can take months, but when it comes to a virtual office address, the setup process is lightning fast. The whole process takes place online and it can be completed within a matter of a few hours. On top of that, there is little or no paperwork involved.

7. Access to talent on a global scale

With a physical office, you are limited to hiring talent located in the vicinity of the office address. Even if you decide to hire employees who are far away, you will have to pay for talent relocation expenses. However, with a virtual office address, you can recruit talent from a worldwide pool.

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The Disadvantages of Virtual Business Addresses

Unfortunately, not everything about a virtual office address is positive. Although the advantages of a virtual office address far outweigh the negatives, the fact that you will have to deal with certain disadvantages, such as:

1. Possible technical problems

Virtual office addresses are highly dependent on the technological infrastructure of the virtual office provider. So, in case of extensive technical issues, your virtual office may be inaccessible. Although interruptions lasting a few minutes are not a cause for concern, things can get tricky if there is a serious problem that takes a few hours or days to rectify.

In such a scenario, you will have to wait until the issue is resolved, which could hamper operations.

2. Employees can feel isolated

Though the thought of remote work is appealing to many employees, the fact is that it can become lonely for them after a while. Sure, virtual communication is always possible, but sometimes nothing can replace the feelings of face-to-face personal interactions that take place in physical office locations.

Over time, feelings of loneliness can adversely affect employee productivity.

Conference scheduling conflicts

With more and more remote companies opting for virtual office addresses, scheduling conflicts can arise when booking virtual conference rooms. Most likely you will need to discuss them in advance, which is not always practical, especially if sudden meetings are planned.

4. Hidden fees

At first glance, the rates of the membership plans offered by virtual office providers may seem attractive. However, some providers tend to add hidden fees for additional features.

If you opt for those additional features, you may end up paying significantly more than you thought you would have to pay.

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Take away

The popularity of virtual offices has skyrocketed in recent years due to the ever-increasing trend of remote work. For entrepreneurs who work exclusively from home, virtual office services offer benefits associated with physical business locations, but without the high cost of renting brick-and-mortar locations.

So, yes, using virtual business address services means that your business may have a legitimate address in, say, The Gherkin, City of London, London, UK while actually running it from Legian, Bali, Indonesia.


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