Is It Right for Your Education?

Is It Right for Your Education?

Freedom Trail Realty School is a pioneer in creating the first state-approved online school for Massachusetts real estate licensing. It has since exp

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Freedom Trail Realty School is a pioneer in creating the first state-approved online school for Massachusetts real estate licensing. It has since expanded into the nearby states of New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. It provides live instructor-led and on-demand, self-paced courses that can be completed on any device. Freedom Trail Realty School is best suited for students looking to obtain their real estate license in the New England area and through reciprocity.

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What We Recommend Freedom Trail Realty School For

Freedom Trail Realty School gives students the flexibility to combine livestreaming online courses with on-demand courses to complete their state’s education hours. Live classes are offered on a rotating basis, and on-demand courses can be taken at any time. Students may prefer a livestream classroom environment for topics they feel might be more challenging to learn, while other more comfortable topics can be completed through unlimited on-demand access.

Who Freedom Trail Realty School Is Good For

  • Students who prefer flexibility when choosing course formats: Different learning styles, like livestream and on-demand courses, are offered at Freedom Trail Realty School. The ability to mix and match the learning options can meet all students’ needs to pass the final state exam in states like Connecticut (CT) and Rhode Island (RI).
  • Aspiring agents who need assistance launching a real estate career: All students have access to a job board and can sign up to opt in to being contacted by brokerages looking to hire. Freedom Trail Realty School also provides tips for interviews and job hunting as part of their professional development offerings. For this reason, it was named one of the top schools in Massachusetts (MA).
  • Students who want a pass guarantee for assurance: Freedom Trail Realty School is so confident they will prepare all students for the state exams that they provide a pass or don’t pay guarantee. The guarantee, which comes with the Exam Edge and Realty Pro packages, will refund the cost of the class sign-up fee within 30 days if students don’t pass their real estate exam.

Who Freedom Trail Realty School Is Not a Good Fit For

  • Not suited for agents needing to complete continuing education: The continuing education (CE) offered is limited to only covering the state of Massachusetts. Those who are licensed elsewhere will need to contact another online real estate education program, such as The CE Shop, to obtain their required hours.
  • Students who need extra exam preparation materials: Although Freedom Trail Realty School provides some exam study materials with its package, it doesn’t offer individual exam preparation for the states it covers. Students can locate supplemental online exam preparation through PrepAgent.
  • Anyone looking to get a real estate license outside of MA, RI, CT, or NH: Freedom Trail Realty School covers a limited number of states for real estate licensing. Prospective agents looking to obtain licenses outside of MA, RI, CT, or New Hampshire (NH) should take a look at our list of best online real estate schools and consider schools like Kaplan and Real Estate Express.

Freedom Trail Realty School Overview

Freedom Trail Realty School Pricing

Freedom Trail Realty School offers prelicensing, broker prelicensing, and continuing education course options starting at $10. All courses have on-demand learning on all devices and a downloadable e-book to follow along. Licensing courses come with audio books, practice questions, livestreaming options, and digital flashcards. However, premium plans include access to class recordings, unlimited practice tests, and the pass or don’t pay guarantee.

Types of Education Available

Freedom Trail Realty School supports aspiring and experienced agents with multiple types of real estate education offerings for various levels of their career. Agents in the New England area have a one-stop shop for launching their real estate careers, growing their team, and keeping their license valid.


Real estate prelicensing courses from Freedom Trail Realty School are available to those seeking to obtain their real estate license for the first time. The prelicensing packages satisfy a variety of learning styles. The Starter package is geared toward students with some real estate experience, and the most complex Realty Pro package caters to students who need extra test prep and want private tutoring.

All prelicensing options are self-paced and can be completed on all devices. Students are able to mix and match livestream and on-demand access. Depending on the plan purchased, students are capped at the number of livestreaming hours they can access.

Continuing Education

The continuing education courses are approved by the State of Massachusetts and can be completed on all devices. They cover topics like architecture, financing, contract law, fair housing law, and more. The Freedom Trail Realty School website provides a course outline for each topic, so agents can select courses that are most interesting and relevant to their career. Agents needing to meet the 12 hours of continuing education for license renewal can choose their courses a la carte or purchase the preset license renewal package.

Broker Prelicensing

Agents who want to build a brokerage or act as a broker within a firm should complete the 40-hour curriculum to obtain their broker license in Massachusetts. The broker prelicensing courses are taught by industry professionals and offer similar features to the salesperson prelicense courses, except no private tutoring is available for prospective brokers. Courses are self-paced with access to a study guide and planner. The broker pro plan includes bonus continuing education courses like brokerage relationships and real estate laws and regulations for owners and managers.

Exam Prep

Although Freedom Trail Realty School doesn’t provide a separate offering for just exam preparation, students who sign up for the prelicensing courses are provided with study materials to help students pass the exam. Packages include practice questions, tutoring sessions, practice tests, flashcards, and customer service support via live chat or email. Students should take advantage of these features if they want to pass the exam on the first try.

Freedom Trail Realty School Features

Freedom Trail Realty School offers flexible on-the-go learning to help students start and continue a successful real estate career. The security of a pass or don’t pay guarantee means they can enter into the final exams with confidence in their real estate education investment. Access to courses for up to a year gives ample time to retain real estate topics and complete courses with a busy schedule.

Here are the features that contribute to an enjoyable and knowledgeable online learning experience:

General Features

  • Access to courses for one year
  • Phone, email, or live chat support
  • Courses taught by licensed real estate professionals
  • Immediate access to courses after signing up
  • Audio book included
  • Unlimited on-demand course access
Freedom Trail Realty School Course dashboard sample.

Course dashboard from Freedom Trail Realty School

Although Freedom Trail Realty School is primarily an online learning environment, they make it easy to get access to instructors and customer service when needed. Students can reach instructors during the livestream courses as well as have the option of contacting support through phone, chat, or email. Students who prefer individualized self-paced courses can complete them through the on-demand platform with provided e-books and audio books. There is no lag time once a student signs up for the program to get access to the course materials.

  • Taught by licensed real estate professional
  • Interactive classroom experience
  • Preset live course schedule
Live streaming courses by Freedom Trail Realty School.

Livestreaming courses by Freedom Trail Realty School

Each package will include some livestreaming hours for both salesperson and broker prelicensing. Experienced real estate professionals teach all livestream courses, and students can sign up for live courses for instructor and classmate interaction. Classes are offered during the day, evening, and weekends to fit into a student’s busy schedule.

  • Can be accessed at any time
  • Unlimited practice test only available on some packages
  • Tutoring option available for one-on-one sessions

Each prelicensing package contains some exam prep materials. However, certain features like tutoring and unlimited practice tests are only available in the Exam Edge and Realty Pro packages. All students will have access to practice questions, flashcards, study guides, and a planner to prepare them for the state exams. Exam preparation materials can be accessed directly within the course software.

Instant practice exam results from Freedom Trail Realty School.

Instant practice exam results

Fortunately, if students don’t pass on their first try, they can request a refund within 30 days under the pass or don’t pay guarantee.

  • Review course material at any time
  • Self-paced learning format
  • Can use courses to study for test

All prelicensing packages allow students to have unlimited access to on-demand courses. On-demand courses provide students the flexibility to choose the pace of their learning. Students can take up to 20 of their 40 required learning hours through on-demand, supplementing the rest with live classes.

Freedom Trail Realty School’s on-demand courses.

Freedom Trail Realty School’s on-demand courses

Completed online courses are automatically archived in a student’s account. Students can access the course as many times as needed within the one-year allotted time frame to review the material or use it to study for the state exam.

  • Included in every course package
  • Can opt in to recruiting program
  • Access to school alumni group

Another feature offered in all prelicensing education plans is access to the real estate job board and recruiting program. Students can search for real estate opportunities by brokerage name, job title, and even by the city preferred. Students may also opt in to recruiting to allow hiring brokerage to contact them directly.

Job board search results by city.

Job board search results by city

Once students complete the courses, they have the opportunity to join Freedom Trail Realty School’s alumni group for further networking.

  • Taught by Gloria Herdt (licensed broker)
  • Accessible on all devices
  • Course is available 24/7
Massachusetts real estate disclosure example.

Massachusetts real estate disclosure example

This one-hour on-demand course is taught by Gloria Herdt, a licensed broker in Massachusetts and New York. Students will learn about common forms used in residential real estate transactions like disclosure, leases, agency agreement, and more. The course is available 24/7 and can be accessed at any time. Students have up to one year to complete the course. It is also included as a bonus in the Starter Live, Exam Edge, and Realty Pro plans.

Ease of Use

Once students select their preferred package, they can create an account through the simple sign-up form and access the course information immediately. Once signed up, the course dashboard is easy to navigate, with live and on-demand courses, exam prep, and study guides positioned on the left navigation pane.

Freedom Trail Realty School Signup form.

Freedom Trail Realty School course sign-up

The main dashboard page shows course completion percentages along with quick access to course materials and easy-to-view required courses. Students who want additional livestreaming hours can purchase more course time or upgrade their account at any time through the dashboard. Overall, the proprietary software provided by Freedom Trail Realty School is user-friendly and easy to access in order to complete the necessary coursework.

Freedom Trail Realty School Alternatives

What Users Say in Freedom Trail Realty School Reviews

Most students enjoy mixing and matching on-demand and livestream learning at their own pace. They found the features of Freedom Trail Realty School justified the cost of course packages as other schools didn’t provide as many features, even though they were more affordable. Other students were highly satisfied with the professionalism, knowledge, support, and responsiveness the instructors brought to live courses.

There were few negative reviews for Freedom Trail Realty School except for one student who found the classes not engaging and thought they were provided more information than necessary to pass the exam. Students who are disciplined learners without the need for live courses should consider the self-paced packages offered through Real Estate Express.

Bottom Line

Freedom Trail Realty School makes it easy to obtain your real estate license in Massachusetts and surrounding states with reciprocity. The mix of self-paced and live learning keeps students engaged and allows for the opportunity to have live interactions with instructors. The add-ons give students control over their learning needs. Additionally, the pass or don’t pay guarantee eases students’ fear of not passing the final state exam.


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