Keep abreast with trends with Veasey’s Engineering College

Keep abreast with trends with Veasey’s Engineering College

For companies involved in the mining, construction and manufacturing industries, which are facing a rapidly-changing landscape, skills training provi

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For companies involved in the mining, construction and manufacturing industries, which are facing a rapidly-changing landscape, skills training providers like the Port Elizabeth-based Veasey’s Engineering College are a vital companion.

Engineering, as we know it, actually emerged in the 1500’s, although man had been learning to adapt and exploit his environment for millennia before that. Fast-forward to the 21st Century, the knowledge, tools and techniques have changed – and continue to change at a blazing pace that many textbooks now need constant revision.

In fact, globally, engineering companies now depend on vocational skills training providers like Veasey’s to reboot their staff to ensure they stay relevant in an ever-changing environment.

The college while doing its own evolution has endeavoured to lead in re-skilling and upskilling veteran and upcoming engineers across South Africa.

About Veasey’s Engineering College 

“Veasey’s Engineering College was established by John Herbert Veasey in 1924 as a correspondence course to assist young engineers pass the Government Certificate of Competency for Engineers, in either Mines or Factories,” described Caitlyn Jones, at Veasey’s Engineering College.

“Mr Veasey was one of the engineers involved in the building of the original Jan Smuts Airport (now OR Tambo International Airport).”

She said that since those days, the college has grown tremendously.

“Over the years, the college has skilled many engineers and currently, we have 148 candidates enrolled with us for both factory and mine related engineering courses. This is out of an evolving market of roughly 600 nationally.” 

Veasey’s offers study packages for self-directed study towards the two engineer’s Certificate of Competency examinations – namely Plant Engineering & Legal Knowledge.

“Our packages are designed for either factory or mine engineers.”

Jones said that Veasey’s Engineering College is still different from other engineering colleges locally.

“Veasey’s is a correspondence college which makes access that much easier for busy engineers. Our material is extremely comprehensive and doesn’t require hours of classroom attendance which requires individuals to be off work or out of town,” she explained. 

“Our focus is on preparing qualified engineers to write their Engineer’s Certificate of Competency. Our material covers all the necessary requirements for either factories or mines.” 

Jones said that Veasey’s Engineering College is an independent institution, but does work closely with the Institution of Certificated Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, South Africa as well as the Department of Labour.

“We see ourselves as Service Providers to these organisations.”

Adapting with a changing engineering sector

She said in an ever-changing industry, it is it important for factories and mines to constantly skill their workers.

“It is crucial for a company, be it in the factory or mining industries, to comply with the legal requirement of appointing a competent person, and a certificated engineer fulfils this requirement,” Jones said.  

Understanding how teaching and learning has also evolved, Veasey’s has crafted its courses to meet the demands of those that they are meant to benefit.

It’s not so easy for many after spending four to five years at university, another seven to 10 years working and now with a family to fend for to just drop everything and go back to university.

Similarly, many companies nowadays cannot afford having their workforce away for long periods of time.

“As mentioned above, the correspondence element sets us apart as well as the length of time that we have been collating important information and preparing students for their exams,” Jones described.

“We also offer individual support with each package [which can also be found on their online store]. This support is given via email, phone or WhatsApp by a Professional Certificated Engineer, who has been very involved with the development and assessing of exams.”

Veasey’s Engineering College committed to students and businesses

She said the college’s commitment to its students is:

  1. To provide first class study course material developed over 90 years.        
  2. To support the student with technical assistance and study advice.
  3. To facilitate the process of being accepted as a candidate to write the examinations.
  4. To provide recent answered examination questions for both Plant Engineering and Law.
  5. To provide analysis of prior examinations to assist the candidate with study plan prioritizing.
  6. To coach and assist in how to study for, and manage the GCC examinations.
  7. To provide topical and supplementary modules.
  8. To engage with the candidate through our website, social media and other electronic means. 

“Our candidates enjoy an advantage on the job market. For example, the Engineer’s Certificate of Competence that we offer is a sought-after permit to operate and as such is motivational and developmental for young engineers in training, or junior engineers, who wish to progress in the company,” Jones added.  

She said that upon enrolling, candidates receive material that covers theory, as well as examination questions and suggested answers, “giving students the ability to assess their own understanding”. 

“Our primary focus is correspondence learning. Our material is couriered anywhere in South Africa, and the cost is included in the price of the study package,” Jones said. 

“With the nationwide spread of candidates, their many unique time targets and commitments, we have decided that this is the most practicable way to be of service.

“Although you don’t need to be accepted as a candidate to make use of us, some people choose to first get their eligibility sorted out – that is a personal decision.”

For companies or individual engineers wanting to find out more about Veasey’s Engineering College and their course offerings, visit www.veaseys.co.za or call 076 921 7110 today. You can use their easy-to-use quote request/enrolment tool here.


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