Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt López’s strategy to turn an idea into a success story

Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt López is a Venezuelan businessman with many financial interests. Betancourt also leads the O'Hara administration, an i

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Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt López is a Venezuelan businessman with many financial interests. Betancourt also leads the O’Hara administration, an international investment group. In addition, Betancourt is a manager or investor for other companies such as Auro Travel, Hawkers and more. These companies have all become very successful, thanks in large part to its financial support and business leadership.

Alejandro Betancourt

Image provided by Alejandro Betancourt

Early life and career

Betancourt was born in 1980 in Caracas, Venezuela, where he grew up. He moved to the USA during high school and also attended college there. Betancourt graduated from Suffolk University with a major in Economics and a specialty in International Trade.

One of his first positions was Director of Trade for Latin America and Executive Trader’s British delegation, where he specialized in the energy sector. Its expertise in this area has enabled Betancourt to provide analytical support for execution phase contracts (EPCs) by providing investment opportunities in the oil and gas sector. Betancourt also became the Directory of BGB Energy in 2004, which was a subsidiary of Kawasaki Heavy Industry (KHI) in Venezuela.

Auro Reis

Betancourt became interested in the ride-sharing sector after observing Uber’s rapid success after it was founded in 2009. Personal transport is a mature industry, but Betancourt has seen Uber have the potential to disrupt it by taking market share from established players. He says this trend is occurring in many markets and is an indication of the way technology is transforming the business world. As a result, Betancourt invests primarily in technology-based companies.

Betancourt founded Auro Travel in 2017, which is based in Spain. It provides point-to-point private transportation throughout that country and operates the largest fleet of vehicles in Spain. Auro Travel also provides operating licenses to other carpooling companies such as Cabify and Uber. Auro Travel employs approximately 100 employees directly and coordinates the activities of more than 3,000 drivers.

Betancourt plays key roles in the company’s operations, including the selection of key staff and the recommendation of improvements to its business model. Betancourt, for example, is actively involved in the development, testing and marketing of Auro Travel’s mobile application.


Hawkers is a sunglasses company founded in 2013 and based in Spain. Betancourt became the company’s president in 2016, when it was worth about $ 60 million. One of the keys to Hawkers’ success is networking with celebrities and brands. The company, for example, was able to persuade stars like Hip Hop singer Usher to wear his sunglasses in public, which caused them to sell very quickly. Hawkers has also partnered with major brands such as Mercedes-Benz, the LA Lakers, Lewis Hamilton and PlayStation.

The Hawkers story shows how business competence can be transferred between seemingly unrelated fields. Betancourt had no experience with the fashion industry before joining the company, but he quickly contributed to its success. For example, he recently adjusted the company’s strategy to take into account the recession in that country. Betancourt has also begun to expand the company’s presence in other countries.

Future success story

JobandTalent provides a strong example of Betancourt’s strategy to turn an idea into a success story. This company was originally just a staff market when Felipe Navio and Juan Urdiales founded it in 2009. JobandTalent’s mission is to make the labor market more fluid by eliminating barriers to job search and recruitment processes. Its platform is based on proprietary technology that matches job seekers with businesses faster than its competitors.

Key capabilities of the JobandTalent platform include contract signing, in-app messaging, payroll and scheduling, all of which reduce the time required to hire workers while protecting all parties involved from legal risk.

Betancourt started investing heavily in JobandTalent in 2009, although the company got interested in it earlier. At that time, Betancourt recalled that JobandTalent had an annual revenue of approximately $ 1 million. Within five years of Betancourt’s significant involvement with the firm, it overturned the “titans” of the staffing industry. JobandTalent was worth about $ 2.35 billion as of December 2021, with an annual revenue rate of more than $ 1 billion. Betancourt expects JobandTalent to be worth more than $ 4 billion by the end of 2022 with a run rate above $ 2 billion.


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