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LinkedIn change the feed, it will show lower quality content, polls

LinkedIn now reduces the appearance of several types of content in its feed, including polls and share bait.Here's what LinkedIn announced that it wil

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LinkedIn now reduces the appearance of several types of content in its feed, including polls and share bait.

Here’s what LinkedIn announced that it will change.

Less “low quality content”. Any posts that explicitly request or encourage sharing, such as comments or feedback, will have less visibility in the feed. LinkedIn said users find these types of posts that exist solely to promote reach “misleading and frustrating.”

Fewer surveys. You should have known that person was coming. If you browse LinkedIn regularly, it is common to see multiple polls in your feed each day. Many of these are from people you don’t know. LinkedIn said it has better filtering and promises to only show “helpful and relevant” polls from people in your network.

Less irrelevant updates. Have you ever seen a call congratulating someone you’ve never met about a recent career change? LinkedIn says it will reduce the number of times users see it and try to show you “more targeted activity” from your network.

“I don’t want to see this.” In addition to the algorithm changes, LinkedIn gives users a way to tell LinkedIn what they don’t want to say. All individual posts will include a “I don’t want to see this” option. You can limit content by authors or topic – plus you can choose not to see any political content.

Why do we care. These are positive and needed changes that LinkedIn hopes will result in a feed full of relevant, authoritative, and authoritative content. We hope you haven’t used bait tactics to share on LinkedIn. But if you have? Expect a decrease in your engagement and reach because the LinkedIn algorithm won’t reward these tactics with more clarity.

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