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More rich results for frequently asked questions are shown in Google search

Google Search seems to be showing more curated FAQ results in its search results over the past few days. RankRanger's tracking tool and some SEOs hav

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Google Search seems to be showing more curated FAQ results in its search results over the past few days. RankRanger’s tracking tool and some SEOs have both noticed this increase in the number of times the site returns formatted results for FAQs.

What are the Frequently Asked Questions about Rich Results? Web pages with a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that contain a list of questions and answers related to a specific topic can encode questions and answers using the structured data of the FAQ. Google may then display these FAQs in search results snippets as shown below:

More offer. Google now displays these curated FAQ results five percentage points more often according to RankRanger, which happened to be recently acquired by a similar company. Here is the data chart showing the height:

SEOs like Brodie Clark and Glenn Gabe have also noticed the increase in clients they can reach:

Two links. As a reminder, Google recently limited the number of links you can see within the FAQ’s rich result to two. A couple of years ago, Google also tightened up the guidelines for using the FAQ scheme on your site.

Why do we care. With more FAQ results appearing in Google search, it may benefit your site if you get these rich results but at the same time, if your competitor now shows up in these rich results, it may have the opposite effect. Rich results generally result in a higher CTR from the Google search results snippet to the publisher’s site but not always. In this case, if the searcher gets their answer from the rich result of the FAQ, they won’t end up clicking on your site.

So test, test, and test to see if you want these curated FAQ results for your site.

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