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Pinterest offers ad ideas and paid partnership tools

Pinterest offers ad ideas and paid partnership tools

Pinterest has launched a new ad format - Idea Ads - and a new partnership tool that allows creators to tag brand

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Pinterest has launched a new ad format – Idea Ads – and a new partnership tool that allows creators to tag brand partners in their content.

Idea ads. Idea’s new ads follow a similar format to Idea pins, which were launched last year. Likewise, Idea Ads is an immersive, multi-page format designed for advertisers to “present ideas in action”. When shoppers click on the ads, they are taken to the brand’s website to view relevant information.

What does Idea ads look like:

Paid Partnership Tool. This allows brands to partner with Pinterest creators. The partnership allows big brands to collaborate with the Pinterest community of creators and connect with their audiences.

With the paid partnership tool, brands can review the tag and approve (or reject) the content. Brands will benefit from the originality of the creator’s content. Brands can also promote Creator Content as their own idea ad through a paid partnership via Pinterest.

Top. The early launch of these tools showed that brands that worked with creators experienced 38% higher brand awareness, and 37% higher awareness of using Pin. Some of the brands that have had success with this program in the US are Gatorade and Scotch™ Brand.

Squeeze drink Gatorade’s goals were to help its audience stay interested and engaged. To do this, they launched Idea ads with a paid partnership campaign on Pinterest. By collaborating with popular fitness creators, they’ve created ads that provide workout inspiration and reminders to stay hydrated. As a result, they saw 34 million impressions, 99 thousand clicks on their feed.

“Handing over the creative power of a Pinterest creator enabled a real moment of decency that could only come from this creator. He made our ads look fresh, natural and inviting.” – Joanna Lugo, Assistant Director of Marketing, Gatorade.

Scotch™ Brand. Scotch™ had a goal of creating a hands-on approach to back-to-school shopping. They wanted to show ads for making supplies like pen holders, teacher gifts, and more. They find popular search terms related to crafts and create kid-friendly how-to videos with Scotch™ tape. The results were 64% lower CPM than the initial target, and CTR 4 times higher than the average performance criteria.

Outside the United States, brands like Coty Canada and MAC Cosmetics have also seen promising results.

New formats and tools are now available in more than 30 countries. You can read the full blog post announcement here.

Why do we care. Pinterest hasn’t really been on anyone’s radar lately. The development and release of these new features was a huge surprise. Creators looking to monetize their social media content should take note. However, the results from early testing show benefits for already bigger and well-known brands, but what about the creators? It would be nice to see more credit for the people who made Pinterest what was a pre-ad platform – a place that comes for ideas and inspiration.

I can’t help but feel that this is another way for big brands to take advantage of small creators. Use it to build effective advertising campaigns targeting audiences that they have not been able to reach through traditional means. It looks somewhat familiar. Either way, we’ll be watching.

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