Profitable small business ideas for 2021

Profitable small business ideas for 2021

Today, we're going talk about profitable small business ideas for 2021. These small business ideas are based on recent trends, recent growing markets

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Today, we’re going talk about profitable small business ideas for 2021. These small business ideas are based on recent trends, recent growing markets and if you’re interested continue to read on.

By the way, it is very important that if you decide to start your own small business, your motivation shouldn’t be because of money. Of course, people start businesses so that they can make enough money to buy that mansion, big yacht or that private jet, but if money and the rich lifestyle are your only motivations for getting into business, you will certainly not survive the tough times.

Your primary motivation for getting into business should be “I love doing this, many people also want it and cannot find it anywhere else – and it’s something that I can do for the rest of my life.”

So always listen to your heart and always try as much as possible to follow your passion even in business. They say, “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.”

This is actually true especially when you are starting out, because, as every business person will tell you, starting a business (even a small business) is not an easy thing to do. During the start-up phase, you can expect to have to overcome many challenges – and if its not something that love to do, you will easily give up.

So let’s look into some small business ideas for 2021

Vending machines – organic vending machines

Business idea number one is organic vending machines. Whenever I arrive at a hotel or a motel or whatever, when I see a vending machine, it’s usually a Coca-Cola vending machine or a machine selling some unhealthy snacks – and I have talked to many health-conscious people, who fill the same way.

An organic vending machine business would be a great business for places where people tend to care more about their health and where they watch what they eat.

In 2019, the vending machine market in the United States was over US$6 billion and is projected to be over US$7 billion by 2026. So this market is definitely growing. This business is more suitable for high traffic areas of the city and maybe for a little richer population.

Car seats for children

The next business idea would provide a solution for parents in California and some other parts of the United States where you are required to put your child in a car seat. So the problem is whenever we want to travel by taxi, I either need to carry my child’s car seat, but if we are flying from abroad and we’re coming to an airport like this, we will certainly need to find a car seat waiting for us – sometimes, you cannot just call people to bring the car seat.

You will notice that airport taxies and Uber do not usually come to pick you up with car seats. If you start such a business, there is a good chance to make money and a good potential to be acquired by a bigger company like Uber or Lyft.

Courier services

Another idea is delivery and courier services. Now, in case you guys haven’t noticed, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot has happened. A lot of companies everywhere have realized that if they are not online they are not going to be able to make money and sustain their businesses.

The pandemic has made e-commerce a necessity especially during the lockdowns. So there’s another side hustle emerging because all these people, who are coming up with products that you can buy online – they suddenly need people to deliver them to their customers.

These companies need contractors, who are reliable and can deliver their products or their services, their products, mostly in a quick, reliable fashion. And, you know, if you’re someone who’s looking into businesses or needs ideas for businesses you can go into, I would recommend going into delivery and courier services.

You will need to have great human resources. So just make sure you can employ really good, faithful people who will hold your company values and goals to the tee so that you will not lose customers as you go along. So going into courier or delivery services is for me one of the biggest ideas for a business that will do well and make you money as e-commerce explodes.

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Apps and web development

Actually, and somewhat related to the boom in e-commerce, is apps and web development. We now use apps for almost anything – from dating to booking flight tickets to find your car keys, and website development is also exploding as everyone goes online. If you’re someone, who has the resources and can source the skills needed to build apps and develop websites, this is your time to cash in and cash in big!

My web developer says he’s making so much money. Even when you don’t even know how to develop an app or a website, but you can invest your money as capital into someone who does.

Events and tourism (when lockdown ends)

You’ll make some decent money is this idea where companies are offering experiences? What am I talking about? Events, tourism companies. Mind you, around the world, lots of people have been in lockdown literally since March. They’ve gone in lockdown. They’ve reopened, they’ve shut down again. Boy, can you imagine how many people out there are just like really, really trying to get out, you know, and suddenly realizing that life is too short and they need to experience the world, not wait till tomorrow.

When lockdowns are over and COVID-19 is a thing of the past, you should look into perhaps starting in some kind of company that offers experiences because lots of people will have money to spend and will be able to attend these events and or tourism opportunities that you create for them.

Online coaching and online tutoring

Another business idea that is exploding is online coaching and tutoring. Who would have thought? I mean, gone are the days when you would only by attending classes in person. Teaching has gone digital and for many skills out there, there is someone teaching that skill online somewhere. If you decide to go online, online tutoring, online coaching is fast becoming the big thing to do.

Online coaching, online tutoring – it doesn’t matter. Maybe you are a personal trainer, who is good with weight-loss workouts that people can follow. You can register a small company through which you can produce your work-out content. As a web developer, you can also teach people web development skills. So that is a business you can definitely look into. And really, it wouldn’t require so much because it already would come from a skill that you have garnered over the years and will just be sharing or imparting your knowledge to others.

Legal services

If you are in the legal fraternity, the lockdown has also created more opportunities for those offering legal services. There’s lots of research out there that talk about the impact of COVID-19 on our relationships. Divorce rates have also been rising. This is outside of the usual legal challenges that people face everywhere against their employers, copyright infringement etc. If you do position yourself properly, trust me, you will be making loads of money come 2021 or whatever year.

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Cleaning services

Cleaning services can also make you a lot of money especially after the pandemic. People are a lot more careful about what they touch, where they walk, who they speak to, et cetera, et cetera, such that cleaning of offices, malls, aircraft, homes, schools, churches etc has become center-stage. You can manufacture your own cleaning products and sell to them to cleaning companies or you can actually be the cleaning company.

We’re washing our hands a whole lot more. So, you can also come up with a hand washing solution that, you know, would suddenly be novel and everybody would, you know, sort of run to you as an option if they ever wanted to wash their hands. So, think hard and see if you can develop this particular idea. I think cleaning services are going to go a long way, very fast and are going to become very profitable if they aren’t already as we speak right now.

So these are a couple of business ideas that I thought about that could probably help you make some money as a small business in 2021. Business ideas that could make you money fast.

Let me know what you think. If there are any business ideas that you think I’m missing as well, please write them down in the comments section – that will be really appreciated.


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