Shopping Video – New Marketing Trend

One of the best ways for marketers and business owners to increase sales and engage customers is through video shopping. This new marketing trend in

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One of the best ways for marketers and business owners to increase sales and engage customers is through video shopping. This new marketing trend involves the use of video content to promote and sell your products.

Here’s everything you need to know about shopping videos for business owners.

Live Video Shopping

What is video shopping

Video shopping involves the use of video content to promote your products / services with the goal of increasing sales. With a shopping video, business owners can show off their brand and provide relevant information about their products and services. Videos also help to influence the decision making process of buyers and increase sales.

Types of shopping videos

There are two main categories of shopping videos, and they are:

Live Video Shopping

This type of video shopping involves creating a live presentation of your products. It is not pre-recorded, thus making it easy for customers to interact in real time.

Non-live video shopping

In this case, you record the video and then upload it to platforms where customers can find it. Although you can not get real-time responses from customers, non-live videos are easily accessible, unlike live videos.

Captivating social video ads

Benefits of video shopping

Video shopping can offer many benefits to business owners and their customers. Some of the benefits of video shopping are:

1. Captivating imagery that increases sales

Consumers usually prefer video content over text because it is a more expressive form of content. With video shopping, business owners can create an interactive environment where customers can get involved. This form of engaging content increases your chances of converting visitors to real customers.

2. Increase brand awareness

Business owners can increase the chances of being seen by their target audience through impressive shopping videos. Shopping videos prove to be a convenient way to promote your business and increase brand awareness.

3. Convenient customer interaction

Video shopping helps to connect with customers in real time, thus making them feel seen. You can talk to customers one-on-one, making it easier to serve their needs. Whether it’s a car dealer chat or a skincare consultation, you can rely on video shopping to improve the relationship.

4. Bring products to life

With video shopping, shoppers can easily browse real-time products. Fashion brands, for example, bring clothes to life by making a video of what a real person looks like. This will help customers get a sense of what the item will look like on them, and it can increase sales.

5. Easy to create

Creating shopping videos does not have to be a long and complicated process. Shopping videos tend to be short and easy to make without the need for a professional. With a smartphone or camera, anyone can make a marketing video that converts. There are also many channels and platforms available to create videos that will persuade visitors to be real customers.

6. Increased SEO rankings

Videos tend to outperform other types of content, and having them on your site will increase your SEO rankings. This makes it easy for customers to find you and do business with you.

Video marketing

If you run an online business, you need to keep up with new marketing trends to give your brand a boost. One of the latest marketing trends to implement is video shopping. If done correctly, video can help provide valuable information to customers, increase engagement and increase sales.


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