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The 8 Best Stock Investing and Trading Podcasts

The 8 Best Stock Investing and Trading Podcasts

If you want to build wealth in financial markets, education plays a big role. You don’t necessarily have to go to college to learn how to invest, bu

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If you want to build wealth in financial markets, education plays a big role. You don’t necessarily have to go to college to learn how to invest, but it’s wise to learn how the market works and stay up to date so you don’t miss news that causes moves. 

Podcasts are one of the most entertaining ways to do that. 

There are several podcasts focused on investing and trading, each with its own personality and way of looking at financial markets. But what are the best investing podcasts online?

The Best Stock Investing and Trading Podcasts

Our pick for the overall best podcast is a show that features commentary from billionaires like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Howard Marks. The show skillfully breaks down a billionaire’s investment activities into concepts the average investor can use. Most important, it offers an entertaining way to learn about investing. 

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Other podcasts on the list are also enjoyable and shine in their own ways. Some offer insight from highly respected hedge fund managers, while others focus on macroeconomic conditions or real estate investing. 

1. Best Overall: ‘We Study Billionaires’

“We Study Billionaires” is led by co-hosts Stig Brodersen and Trey Lockerbie. The show is part of the Investor’s Podcast Network and is by far the best of the company’s seven podcasts. 

Brodersen and Lockerbie discuss content released by billionaire investors, including books and articles. The two pull essential lessons from the content and talk about them in a quirky back and forth that makes learning about investing fun. 

In some cases, the show features billionaire guests. Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Howard Marks have made appearances. Perhaps that’s why it’s so popular. “We Study Billionaires” has had over 85 million downloads to date, and that number is climbing quickly. 

Imagine learning about value investing directly from Warren Buffett, finding out how Howard Marks gets his investing insights, or getting a glimpse into how Bill Gates invests his fortune.

The show’s co-hosts are no strangers to investing and trading, either. 

Brodersen has written several top-rated books about investing who had a previous life as a college professor, which gave him plenty of experience conveying information in a way that makes it easy for his audience to follow. And Lockerbie is an entrepreneur and investor who decided to become a value investor after what he often calls a “life-changing” dinner with Warren Buffett. 

Both are well versed in technical and fundamental investment analysis and have impressive abilities to pick apart investment strategies to explain the reasons they work to investors of all stages, from beginners to experts. 

2. Best for In-Depth Investing Concepts: ‘Invest Like the Best’ With Patrick O’Shaughnessy

Patrick O’Shaughnessy, the host of “Invest Like the Best,” is a highly respected Wall Street professional. He’s the founder of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management, a money management firm with more than $4.4 billion under management. 

O’Shaughnessy invites investors, CEOs, and entrepreneurs to talk about the state of the market, investing strategies, and concepts that help his readers become better investors. In some episodes, O’Shaughnessy talks about specific stocks, providing insights from the company’s leadership, while he talks about the overall market in others. 

Nonetheless, his in-depth investing concepts have helped many build their way to financial freedom and are likely to do more of the same in the future. 

3. Best Outside-the-Box Investment Concepts: ‘Motley Fool Money’

The Motley Fool is known for bringing fun into the world of market commentary, and “Motley Fool Money” does just that. The podcast’s host, Chris Hill, is a world-renowned financial expert who has co-created multiple investing-related shows. 

“Motley Fool Money” covers the latest business news and financial headlines and turns the topics into actionable investment advice. Most go into investment advice you may not find elsewhere. 

For example, one May 2022 episode started like many other podcasts around the same time: “The sky is falling,” “Everything’s in the red,” “You can cut the tension in the markets with a knife.” But the others still advised you to hold strong and everything would work out in the end.

However, after about a minute of talking about the gloom in the market, Hill flipped the script and explained that there was still opportunity. He went on to tell listeners about the big winners in the recent market downturn — the oil and gas industry — and how to take advantage of the imbalance in supply and demand. 

That’s one of the reasons the show is so impressive. Hill thinks outside the box and brings potentially profitable investing opportunities to light. Moreover, he does so in a refreshingly entertaining way. 

4. Best for Learning From One of the Most Successful Investors in History: ‘The Memo by Howard Marks’

Howard Marks is no stranger to the market. He’s the founder of Oaktree Capital Management, a hedge fund that employs alternative investment strategies in a portfolio worth more than $164 billion. 

To put it simply, Marks is one of the most experienced investors in the world. 

Marks only produces a podcast once in a while, but when he publishes them, they’re worth listening to. His laser-focused insights can make you wonder why you never thought of investing that way. 

The billionaire investor shares his opinions on industry news, macroeconomic events, and investing culture.  But regardless of the subject matter, when such a successful investor is willing to share their opinion, it’s time to listen. 

5. Best for Real Estate Investing: ‘The Real Estate Investing Podcast’

“The Real Estate Investing Podcast” is a product from BiggerPockets, one of the leading real estate investing resources online. The podcast is the company’s longest-running and most successful show. It’s co-hosted by David Greene, a police officer turned real estate investor, and Rob Abasolo, a tiny home builder and 12-time Airbnb Superhost.

“The Real Estate Investing Podcast” covers all things real estate, from expert interviews to market analysis and news. Moreover, the show’s schedule isn’t sporadic like many others in the industry. You can join Greene and Abasolo every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday for the latest real estate investing insights. 

6. Best for Cryptocurrency Investing: ‘The Bad Crypto Podcast’

The cryptocurrency scene has exploded in popularity over the past few years, but there’s still a minimal number of quality podcasts about the topic online. Joel Comm and Travis Wright break the mold with “The Bad Crypto Podcast.” 

The two hosts’ banter is hard to ignore as they discuss topics ranging from popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether to lesser-known altcoins you may never have heard about if you didn’t listen to the show. 

The co-hosts cover all bases in the cryptocurrency industry. Learn about specific coins, market-wide news, and the regulatory environment in the industry. These guys also talk about cryptocurrency trading strategies and managing risk as you trade

The bottom line is that if you’re into crypto assets, listening to “The Bad Crypto Podcast” is a must. 

7. Best for Beginners: ‘Money for the Rest of Us’

Let’s face it, money can be confusing from time to time, and sometimes, having an expert speak in their own jargon just doesn’t work. That’s where “Money for the Rest of Us” with David Stein comes in. 

Stein is a personal finance and investing expert who really knows what he’s talking about. But you’re not going to hear a bunch of difficult-to-understand market jargon or dive into the most complex trading strategy in this podcast. 

Instead, it features easy-to-understand and easy-to-use financial tips and advice. To top it off, Stein is an inviting personality who makes you want to listen. 

Investing is the primary podcast topic. But Stein also covers how money works and gives tips to help you achieve overall financial freedom. 

8. Best for Long-Term Stock Investing: ‘The Long View’

“The Long View” is a podcast developed by Morningstar, one of the leading Wall Street firms. The show is co-hosted by Christine Benz, Morningstar’s director of personal finance, and Jeff Ptak, the co-founder, chairman, and chief information officer of Magellan Financial. 

The back and forth between the two is sometimes funny and sometimes serious, but it always makes learning about investing for the long term more interesting. 

Learn about asset allocation, managing risk, and long-term investing strategies and listen in on interviews with Wall Street leaders. 

Methodology: How We Select the Best Investing & Trading Podcasts

We used six key metrics when determining which investing and trading podcasts earned a position on the list. We specifically focused on shows we found entertaining that have content you can easily understand and use in your daily investing journey. 

We also only listed podcasts we found both unique and educational that are hosted by leaders in the investing and personal finance industries. While each podcast has different mixes of each metric, all these metrics contribute to a financial podcast’s overall value. 


Let’s face it. Finance isn’t the sexiest of topics. It can be downright bland sometimes. When it comes to financial podcasts, the hosts’ ability to make the show entertaining is crucial. In some cases, something about the way the host talks catches your attention. In others, playful banter between co-hosts or the occasional joke keeps you coming back for more. 

Digestible Content

Any trading expert can tell you everything you need to know about some complex stock trading strategy or technical indicator, but that doesn’t mean you’ll understand what they’re saying. The best podcasts break down some of the most complex topics into easy-to-digest bits of information. 

Actionable Content

You won’t leave any of these podcasts thinking, “So, what do I do next?” Every episode of every podcast listed gives you actionable advice you can use in your daily life. 

Educational Value

We’re Money Crashers, the crash course in money. Spreading financial literacy is important to us, and we love to showcase others who do the same. Every podcast listed teaches you something about investing or trading money. In most cases, even if you’re a pro, there’s something new for you.  


There are countless investing and trading podcasts out there, and many do little more than repeat the same advice you’ve heard a thousand times. The podcasts we’ve chosen for our list all share unique concepts you won’t find anywhere else. 

Host Backgrounds

My 11-year-old son is planning a podcast about fishing, Minecraft, and BB guns. I wish him the best and will work with him to make him successful, but the simple fact that he’s launching this kind of product soon points to a big issue. 

Anyone can publish content. It doesn’t make them an expert. 

That’s fine when you’re talking about fishing and BB guns, but it’s not a positive thing when you’re learning about managing your finances. We vetted the hosts and parent companies of every show mentioned. Every person and company publicly associated with the podcasts above is a well-respected member of the financial community. 

Stock Investing and Trading Podcast FAQs

If you don’t ask questions as you learn about investing or trading, you’re doing something wrong. Even a simple topic like podcasts can lead to a bevy of questions. 

Do Investing Podcasts Constitute Personal Financial Advice?

The simple answer is no. There may be some exceptions, but we haven’t found any. The vast majority of investing podcasts have a disclaimer that they don’t provide personal advice, and for good reason. 

Your financial situation, goals, and abilities are unique. It would be impossible to give you meaningful personal financial advice without having a one-on-one conversation with you. Contact a financial advisor if you’re looking for advice that fits your unique situation. 

Are All Investing Podcast Hosts Investing Experts?

Sadly not. Anyone can publish anything online, but that doesn’t make them experts. When you listen to investing podcasts, consider who’s doing the talking and whether or not there’s evidence they know what they’re talking about. 

Why Should I Listen to Investing Podcasts?

The most successful investors never stop learning or keeping up with the news. This drive to learn leads to more effective investment strategies and a better understanding of the market overall. Investing podcasts often make learning about the market fun, and the news they provide gives you the upper hand in the market. 

How to Choose the Best Investing & Trading Podcast

It’s not advantageous to listen to an investing or trading podcast that doesn’t teach you what you’re interested in learning, so it’s important to choose the best podcast for you. Follow these steps to select the best option:

  1. Think About What You Want to Learn. Some podcasts are about long-term investing, and others are about short-term trading, market news, or interviews with CEOs. Think about the type of content you’re looking for, and find a few podcasts that fit the bill. 
  2. Listen to a Few Episodes. Listen to a few episodes of the podcasts on your list to see what they’re all about. 
  3. Assess the Episodes You Listed To. Ask yourself if you learned anything you can use to manage your investments and if you enjoyed listening to the episodes. If you did, you’ve found the investing or trading podcast for you. If not, go back to Step 1 and repeat the process until you do. 


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