Top 10 Free Squarespace Templates for Business Websites

Squarespace is one of the best website builders, thanks in part to easy site editing of any of its 110 free, professionally designed templates. The b

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Squarespace is one of the best website builders, thanks in part to easy site editing of any of its 110 free, professionally designed templates. The best free Squarespace templates attract site visitor engagement and help them easily find essential information about your business, such as its services, online store, location, and contact information. Find out more about the top Squarespace themes for business websites below.

To build a Squarespace website using any of the free Squarespace templates below, you need an account. Joining is free, and you can try the platform for free for 14 days without needing a credit card, so there is no risk to get started.

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Best Free Squarespace Templates for Bloggers

1. Bailard

Best for: Blogs and information sites due to the balance of information and photos

Bailard template on Squarespace.

Use the free Bailard template on Squarespace to highlight your case and encourage action-goers

Bailard is one of Squarespace’s most popular free templates, and it’s especially ideal for blogs, nonprofits, and online services. This Squarespace theme has a bold and minimal design for easy readability, making it a great way to deliver information to site visitors. The menu is located in the top right corner of the page which includes call-to-action (CTA) buttons, news, ear and home sections.

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2. Impact

Best for: Social impact businesses as it highlights your case in advance

Clarkson Free Squarespace Template Preview

This theme helps you to publicize your advocacy by providing information

In this free Squarespace template, your message and GTA are the attention grabbers rather than the hero image. It helps to highlight what your organization is about and how visitors can help.

The Impact theme’s layout includes a horizontal navigation menu at the top, a hero image and a large banner at the top. You can also add sections for programs, teams, and an About Us page to help readers learn more about your organization. The flexible design can also be used by service companies, blogs or online stores.

Look at the impact template

Best Squarespace Ecommerce Templates

3. Alameda

Best for: Show products with a clean online store

Alameda ideal Squarespace e-commerce sites template.

A simple and clean way to present products

The Alameda Template is ideal for Squarespace e-commerce sites that want to preview multiple products. In addition, the homepage can be used to highlight any products or promotions offered.

It is built with a lazy loading feature to help customers navigate your website while the rest of the products load as users browse. Each product leads to its own page where you can provide a much more detailed description of your item or services. You can also include an “You might also like” option to help customers compare similar or alternative items.

View the Alameda Template

4. Horses

Best for: Brands that sell products online because of its grid layout

Hester Portfolio Building Template on Squarespace.

A minimalist grid style presentation

The Hester template is suggested for those who want to build portfolios on Squarespace, but online stores can also use it. The template is flexible to accommodate blogs and local businesses, but it can be used as an e-commerce site by simply adding a cart option. It has a clean, minimalist design that will make your photos shine high quality.

Look at the Hester template

Best Squarespace Themes for Service Providers

Bryant Hill

Best for: Service-based or appointment-based business websites

Bryant Hill the most flexible of all the free Squarespace templates.

Show amenities and services in this free, professional-looking Squarespace template

The Bryant Hill is perhaps the most flexible of all the free Squarespace templates, which can suit almost any type of business. Despite its versatility, it is ideal for e-commerce or real estate businesses because of its grid style gallery that can be used to display properties, amenities or product images. The homepage comes with a thoroughbred headline and a hero image.

A unique feature of the template is the discussion page and gallery that can be used for products, portfolios, designs and services. However, to get even more from your Squarespace website, increase functionality by using the best Squarespace plugins.

View the Bryant Hill Template

6. Colima

Best for: Consulting and service-based businesses due to its booking function

Colima is an ideal site for appointments or class discussions

The template is ideal for booking discussions

The Colima template is ideal if you need tools for appointments or class discussions. It contains a hero image where photos of your meeting space can be displayed along with a CTA button to direct visitors to your discussion or appointment page. The top menu also has tabs to help page visitors learn more about your services, locations, and how they can use your services.

View the Colima Template

Best Free Squarespace Templates for Restaurants

7. Tremont

Best for: Restaurants that want to promote their menu, display specific dishes and add online orders

Tremont's most popular restaurant templates on Squarespace.

Highlight your restaurant and menu

The Tremont is one of Squarespace’s most popular restaurant templates. The hero image covers the entire homepage, ideally to put photos of your restaurant or food offerings in the spotlight. This free Squarespace template can also be used to display your full menu or promotions.

Plus, with the ChowNow integration, customers can now order online, helping you grow your restaurant even faster through online business. If you are new to web design, learn more by following our guide to building a restaurant website.

View the Tremont Template

8. Vance

Best for: Restaurants and coffee shops with special drinks and food

Vance visually appealing Squarespace theme for restaurant and coffee shop websites.

Entice page visitors with some of your best dishes using the free Vance template on Squarespace

Vance is a visually appealing Squarespace theme for restaurant and coffee shop websites, providing easy user navigation. Use the homepage’s full hero image area to show your restaurant’s best dishes and limited time offerings. It also has CTA buttons that site visitors can click on to access your menu, packages, or talk page. You can customize the top menu with tabs that can redirect to your social media accounts.

View the Vance Template

Best themes for digital portfolios and agencies

9. Nolan

Best for: Portfolios

Nolan template with minimalist design

An elegant look to showcase previous projects

The Nolan template’s minimalist design forms your home page in a slideshow gallery showcasing previous client projects and case studies. It’s also filled with customizable call-to-action buttons that can direct page visitors to parts of your site, such as Services, About Us, and Contact Pages.

Look at the Nolan template

10. Farro

Best for: Display artwork and digital creations

Farro free Squarespace template with clean magazine-style layout.

An image-focused layout that emphasizes your best work

The free Squarespace template called Farro is known for its clean lines and image-friendly tiles presented in a magazine-style layout. It’s ideal for photographers and other creative people who want to showcase their best work or latest updates. This Squarespace theme can also be turned into an e-commerce website by simply adding a shopping cart and a product page.

View the Farro Template

New to Squarespace? Read our in-depth Squarespace review to find out if this is the best website builder for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much does a Squarespace template cost?

Squarespace starts at just $ 14 a month to use, and all of the more than 100 templates available on its site are free. In addition, while editing your template, there are pre-built content blocks for various attributes (e.g. blog, contact forms, etc.) that make building a small business website on Squarespace a breeze. Your all-inclusive plan also comes with hosting, a free domain for your website, and a free SSL certificate for data security.

How do I get a custom Squarespace theme?

Squarespace gives you access to more than 100 free templates that you can access with a single click. However, if you’re looking for a more custom design, third-party premium Squarespace templates can also be integrated into your Squarespace website. Alternatively, you can rent a Fiverr pro to customize your Squarespace theme, starting at around $ 20.

How do I get a free Squarespace template?

If you assume you already have a Squarespace account, just click on the menu in the top right corner of the homepage and select “Templates.” Choose the template of your choice, and it will take you to the editor, where you can add or delete pages and add content blocks to build your pages. For more information, check out our article on how to use Squarespace to build a website, including a video tutorial.

Bottom Line

Squarespace is one of the easiest ways to build a business website, thanks to the free templates and intuitive page builder. This is ideal for small business owners who need an affordable and easy way to build and manage a website with no web design or coding experience. Choose one of the best free Squarespace templates above and take advantage of the platform’s free 14-day trial to get started.

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