What to eat while studying?

Eating healthy is important because nutrition has a huge impact on our spiritual performance. What we eat and drink has a noticeable effect on atten

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Eating healthy is important because nutrition has a huge impact on our spiritual performance. What we eat and drink has a noticeable effect on attention, concentration and energy. But I’m not here to teach you and tell you, “Eh, please, make sure you always eat well because otherwise blah blah blah…”.


I’m definitely not a hypocrite, it first happens to me to “go wrong” and let myself go. This happens because it is absolutely normal when you may be very tired or stressed, not wanting to be subjected to a super healthy diet. So many times I get it right to keep myself in check and still eat healthy, but when I can, I certainly do not make a big deal of it! Because the most important thing is to maintain a conscious balance.

To follow a healthy diet that gives support and energy to our daily activities – especially mental – without at the same time having too many problems if it happens from time to time that you do not want to respect the nutrition rules to the letter.

That said, below I will give you advice based on my personal experience so you can make the charge.

A few meals a day

Eat 5, 6 or even 7 meals a day. I recommend that you eat a little less many times a day, rather than filling up during the main meals. In fact, eating too much slows down digestion and inevitably makes you sleepy! So, in addition to the 3 canonical meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner – add 3 or 4 snacks, which you can easily do even in a break between one study cycle and another. It will give you proper energy to study, but still if you feel that you are falling behind with your essay or another written assignment, a proper essay writer can solve your problems.

Eat a Good Breakfast

Without going into the scientific reasons behind it, it may happen that you do not want a rich and complete breakfast as soon as you wake up. But when they tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they are not fooling you! If you want the energy you need to tackle the day in the best possible way, you need to eat breakfast.

The advice I give you is to eat a meal that combines both carbohydrates and protein. So, for example, you can eat cereal along with fruits and soy milk. Or you can opt for rusks with jam without added sugar and maybe, even in this case, associated milk or soy milk.

And if you’re a sleepy head, you woke up at the last minute and you have to run away in a hurry, there are basically protein bars on the market that can serve as a “quick breakfast” while you go to university.

Eat carbs and protein for lunch

When it comes to carbs, try going for whole grain carbs, which among other things help keep you satiated longer!

Eat while you study

I recommend protein for you because it helps you to mitigate the increase in blood sugar, due to carbohydrates. The increase in sugars is responsible for the sleep you get after eating! So, by adding the proteins, you basically avoid getting stuck, to make it simple.

Also, always try to combine proteins and carbohydrates with vegetables. Firstly because they are good and secondly because they help you in the process of removing sugar. So, they also help to make you sleep less during the day, especially after the main meal, that is, lunch.


We said you can do several during the day, even before you go to bed. By making different snacks throughout the day, we allow to keep the sugar level constant which goes hand in hand with the energy level. In fact, eating a snack when you have fasted for several hours can give you an energetic sensation immediately, but once the effect is gone, the fatigue will return stronger than before.

What snacks to make? Personally, I have been choosing fruits or proteins for years now. So for example, you can eat fresh seasonal fruits, a can of tuna, bresaola, or oily fruits like almonds and walnuts.

Drink Lots During The Day

You can say anything about drinking, there are several formulas or advice but basically, if you drink a bottle of water a day it can already be a good base. One piece of advice I give you to make you feel like drinking if you are one who does not pay too much attention to it is to periodically change the container in which you put the water. I do this quite often because the fact that I have a nice bottle on my desk that I like to touch makes me want to touch it and as a result I find myself drinking easily.

There are also many applications for the smartphone that send you notifications to remind you to drink, just find your favorite on the App Store or Google Play.


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