What to include + Best practices

What to include + Best practices

An invoice is a document prepared by the vendor or service provider that shows the details of a transaction and requests payment for the product or se

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An invoice is a document prepared by the vendor or service provider that shows the details of a transaction and requests payment for the product or service provided. It is essential that you design an effective invoice to ensure that proper payment is made on time. Besides, well-made invoices can serve as promotional material with a custom look that matches your business and industry.

1. Minimal, elegant and detailed

Minimal, elegant and detailed

Source: Beautiful Invoices

This invoice, although minimalist, is highly functional and contains all the necessary information in one sheet. It contains the logo, contact information, billing addresses, information table, terms and conditions section, and a small calendar at the bottom. All these elements contribute to the sophisticated and reliable design.

2. Clean, sharp and professional

Clean, sharp and professional

Source: Dribbble

This billing design by Aaron Dickey keeps things smooth and professional by using a simple page layout, with a muted, soothing block of color. The different font sizes effectively draw attention to certain points of the design. The title, terms and contact information, and the last thank-you note immediately pop up in this billing preview.

3. Vintage

Vintage-inspired look invoice.

Source: Dribbble

If you want a more vintage-inspired look, check out this bill by Rob Brink’s Design and Printing Service. It effectively incorporates the critical elements of an invoice and consistently brings in some print-inspired textures to successfully evoke that vintage feel.

4. Vet

Friendly and daring invoice example.

Source: Smashing Magazine

Do you consider your brand both friendly and brave? This invoice by BGG Design Studio uses elements that may be suitable for you. It evokes kindness and confidence as it greets you with a big, confident ‘hello’ and guides you through the document. It plays effectively with scale, color and letter weights to attract all the right kinds of attention.

5. Papery appearance

Example of an invoice of a papery appearance by Dimitar Stojanov.

Source: Invoicebus

Take a look at this simple but fun invoice design. This design by Dimitar Stojanov has a papery look and feel. Overall, the design is pretty simple, but with the added elements of the regular lines and margins, this invoice is easily converted from a regular invoice to a fun, memorable one.

6. Accent color

Example of a clean, professional and sharp invoice.

Source: Smashing Magazine

This design is clean, professional and sharp. It contains all the essential details of a commercial invoice while containing an interesting color palette. When choosing a color palette, try to choose one accent color so that you can maintain a level of sophistication.

7. Friendly and Personal

Example of warmer, more personal feeling invoice from BGG Design Studio.

Source: WorkflowMax

If you are looking for a warmer, more personal feel, then this design from BGG Design Studio is for you. It uses a catchy headline, interesting font styles and sizes, and complementary colors, while still providing all the necessary details. This invoice looks and feels so friendly that it can make your customer happy to pay for it.


Graphic invoice example from Evgeni Yordanov.

Source: Behance

Not a fan of minimalism? This invoice design by Evgeni Yordanov will give your invoice a lot of character. The geometric and colorful graphics along the side will give your brand a voice of fun, excitement and confidence.

9. Playful and practical

Example of a playful and practical invoice.

Source: WorkflowMax

Want to project a playful image into your invoice design? This one has broad lines, easy-to-read shapes and complementary colors, making it fun and practical to use, though it may not be suitable for every brand. Always consider matching your invoices to your brand image.

10. Self-assertive

Assertive invoice example

Source: Creative Market

This example uses color, scale, and hierarchy to emphasize the most important parts of the invoice, especially the total sum. It effectively incorporates all the critical elements while providing clarity to the reader — something your customer will appreciate.

Bonus invoice: Payment friendly

Example of payment-friendly invoice.

Getting your bill paid as quickly as possible is probably your priority. This example of Bonsai shows how integrating a Quick Response (QR) code into your invoice can help you get paid faster. It provides your customer with the essential information regarding your invoices and easy access to pay online via their phone or computer.

Best Billing Practices

If you send the invoice well in advance, your customer will make the necessary arrangements to settle the payment on time. The best time to bill a customer is right after the purchase. The longer you wait after providing goods or services to send the invoice, the longer it will take you to get paid. QuickBooks Online is our best overall billing software and can make sending timely invoices much easier.

When adding a message to your invoice, always be polite. Saying “please pay your bill” or “thank you for your business” can not only help you get paid faster, but it will be good for your brand and image. It is recommended that you mention that they can contact you if they have any questions and that you appreciate their current and future business.

Before granting credit to customers, you must have them sign an agreement that allows them to buy goods and services on credit. Do not forget to include payment and penalty clauses in the agreement. Specify in the agreement the terms, applicable interest for late payments, and penalties that may result from violating the terms of the agreement.

Have the customer sign all pages of the agreement. Then have a notary notarize the document to make it admissible in court without questioning its authenticity. In the event that the client refuses to pay you, the notarial agreement is strong evidence against them.

“Payable on receipt” is an invoice term popular with small business owners that indicates to the customer that they are expected to pay your invoice immediately. From your client’s perspective, this is very inconvenient and sometimes impossible because they only write checks or issue payments only once a week. From the issuer’s perspective, “due upon receipt” is a problematic payment term because it fails to define a realistic maturity date that can be used for late fees, interest and collection activities.

You’ll be much better off choosing a different billing term, such as Net 10. Although Net 10 still requires fast payment by your customer, it sets a realistic deadline that can be used to calculate penalties and interest if your customer miss the deadline. .

Do your customers prefer electronic invoices or physical invoices? You need to keep in mind that some customers have preferences, and you should not assume which one they prefer.

Before you make an invoice, call your customers first. By sorting out clients who prefer physical invoices rather than electronic invoices, you can organize your work and send on time.

Your invoice must be clear to the customer. Remember that your customers are also busy people. Make it a habit to give detailed explanations of the product or service you have provided. Do not use product codes or abbreviations in the description, as this may cause confusion. Always spell out the details and mention relevant information about the transaction, such as additions or special requests.

Bottom Line

Look closely when billing your customers. Use the above examples of invoices to make sure you know how to create professional invoices that reflect well on your business. If you want your billing process to be easier and faster, then try using QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online has various invoicing templates that you can use plus an excellent invoicing management system that tracks and organizes invoices in one place.


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