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What’s New in Websites + Marketing Ecommerce

Keep building As we continue to move through 2022, GoDaddy's online store builder continues

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Keep building

As we continue to move through 2022, GoDaddy’s online store builder continues to grow and gain new features along the way. In this guide we are going to cover these updates and show you how it can help your business grow as well.

What’s New in Websites + Marketing Ecommerce

Here is a list of the new features and options available for Websites + Marketing Ecommerce customers:

Updates from 25 May 2022:

Updates from 11 April 2022:

Updates from March 10, 2022:

Updates from February 4, 2022:

Updates from 18 January 2022:

Updates from January 10, 2022:

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Block full days with online appointments

Now Websites + Marketing customers can easily block full days on their calendars for Online appointments. It is useful to exclude time for holidays, business closings or any other occasion for which you will have to set aside time.

In addition, the Block Time feature will alert you if other events are planned for the blocked time.

Calendar option to block an entire day with a conflict alert

Blocking time is easier to find

In addition to being able to block time on your calendar, the option to do so is now also easier to find.

Block button is displayed on Calendar

Simultaneous bookings are now displayed individually on the calendar

Previously, concurrent bookings were displayed as a “bundled” block on the Online Appointment Calendar. Now the calendar will display simultaneous bookings (and blocks) as separate blocks for easier viewing.

Simultaneous boxes displayed on the calendar

Refund / Refund Policy Reminder

There is now a reminder on the Online Store landing page to remind store owners to offer and / or review their return / refund policies. It is common for stores to have return / refund policies, and this is one of the requirements if a store owner wants to list a store through Google.

Website Returns and Refunds Policy Reminder + Ecommerce Marketing

Websites + Marketing Ecommerce now offers breadcrumbs on the store front to enhance the customer’s shopping experience. So, for example, if your online store has set up categories, your customer can now easily go back to parent / subcategories from the breadcrumbs.

You will need to republish your Websites + Marketing Ecommerce site to activate this feature on your storefront.

Breadcrumb Sample on Websites + E-Commerce Marketing
The breadcrumb feature can be seen at the top left.

Pro tip: If you have not organized your products into categories, we definitely recommend doing so! In addition, once you’ve organized your products, it’s a good idea to send an email campaign to your customer to make them aware of your storefront upgrades.

In addition to making navigation easier for your customers via breadcrumbs, we’ve also added navigation options that allow store owners to easily return to the main online store landing page. This new navigation option is available on most of the administrative pages in online store.

Here is one example of the new navigation option:

Online Store Navigation Option on Products Page

Ability to modify existing service recurrence rule

Until now, store owners who offered services through their online store were forced to delete and recreate recurring rules if changes had to be made. Now owners will be able to simply change the rule instead.

Edit button for existing service line

Members can easily re-discuss services

If you have customers who regularly book the same services with you, those customers can now easily re-book previous services. To do this, your customer will simply need to go to their booking history and they can re-book from there.

Discuss Option in Websites + Marketing Ecommerce

Pro tip: Let your loyal customers know about this upgrade by sending an email! You can quickly set up an email campaign from Marketing> Email Marketing within your Websites + Marketing Email Account.

Quick view / buy call options

Now you can activate a quick view option for your products, giving your customers a quick and easy option to buy products quickly. To enable this feature, you must enable the option in your site builder’s store settings:

Enable Quick View switch enabled in settings

Here’s how that feature will appear on your live site:

Product list with Quick View button highlighted

Quick view pop-up window

Auto-fill feature for customer discussion

If your business is booking appointments, you no longer need to refill their information when making an appointment. Previously, all the customer information had to be completely refilled every time. This feature is enabled automatically, so no additional steps are required to use this feature.

Commerce Plus plan is now available

Our Commerce + plan is a new, robust trading plan to support your online business growth. The plan includes some important and powerful features such as automated sales tax calculation, a larger product catalog to offer a wide choice to your customers and higher limits to enable you to scale your business on marketplaces and social networks.

Upgrading to Commerce + can be done through several Commerce pages.

New overview page for online appointments

The new Overview page provides a variety of data to store owners, depending on what condition they are currently in. If your store is still in the initial setup state, there is a quick video that shows you how to set up your store. Once you have completed the initial setup process, you will see some next step recommendations, as well as other links to run your store quickly.

Highest and lowest product sales

The Commerce Hub now provides a way for sellers to see their highest and lowest selling products by sales or order volume, as well as by date range. This can help sellers better understand which products perform best and worst in different channels so that they can make any necessary adjustments to their business.

What's New Commerce Hub
The product rankings are highlighted on the Commerce Hub, as shown.

Both the Trade and Appointments Navigation menu has been updated to help users manage their store and online appointments more efficiently.

Here’s a look at the updated Trade menu:

new and updated trade menu options

And here’s how the Appointment Navigation looks:

new and updated appointment menu options

We have updated the appearance of the single column display options for mobile devices. This update shows better products that have multiple product images to display.

Here is an example of the old single column display:

Single column mobile view

And here’s what the new single column mobile layout looks like:

New Single Column View on Websites + Marketing Ecommerce

Color samples and display buttons

Products will now display color options visually through samples and buttons, rather than simply through drop-down lists. These options can be seen on the product gallery and the product details pages.

This is how it will appear in the product gallery:

Product color samples on product gallery

And this is what the button and samples on the product details page look like:

buttons and samples

This feature can be activated in the Stock & Options tab when adding or editing options:

Color Sample Options in Website + Ecommerce Marketing

These updates are a great way to help your customers better visualize the available color options and make your storefront look more modern.

Vertical product detail page layout

We also recently added the option to have a vertical product details page in Websites + Marketing Ecommerce. This is a great option to best display long and wide product images.

To activate this option:

Selection options for vertical product page

And here’s how the vertical product page layout will appear on a live web site:

New content indicator for our “Tips to Boost Sales” Guide

Our “Tips to Boost Sales” guide is regularly updated with tips and ongoing guidance on how our online store customers can use these new features to boost sales. Keep an eye on the new content indicator to stay up to date with the latest information!

Product heading with sales tips highlighted

Quick links with sales tips highlighted

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