Working Strategies to Improve Your Stats on SoundСloud » Small Business Bonfire

Working Strategies to Improve Your Stats on SoundСloud » Small Business Bonfire

Image by marian anbu juwan from Pixabay Music is your passion. It’s time to leave the studio and go to SoundCloud to develop your musical

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Image by marian anbu juwan from Pixabay

Music is your passion. It’s time to leave the studio and go to SoundCloud to develop your musical pieces. How to promote your new track? Attracting a dedicated audience to your music takes a lot of effort. No matter how much time and money you give to a track, you won’t get listened to if it can’t be discovered. Of course, you can pay for SoundCloud plays and likes to get your tracks noticed. But remember about simple, unshakable rules and quality marks that are important to follow to succeed on the platform.

Therefore, it is necessary to aspire to get real followers and organic listening to improve your professional status.

Why Choose SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is a popular and successful environment used by many musicians and followers. Many say this is a perfect place for unknown bands, remixes, and already popular tracks.

The authors of the service, sound director Alexander Jung and musician Eric Valfors started the project in 2006. They noticed an exciting detail:

  • Photographers share and discuss their works on the Flickr photo service.
  • Video authors use Vimeo.
  • Musicians do not have their platform.

They launched SoundCloud in 2008 – a service that allows musicians to publish their songs, share them, and share opinions. Two years later, the application was already considered a quality analog of MySpace and received $ 2.8 million from the British investment company Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures.

In 2010, the authors of SoundCloud announced that a million people use the service every month. Two years later, that number has grown to an astonishing 180 million users a month, and the music base has reached 150 million tracks.

SoundCloud Advantages

SoundCloud is an influential platform, and the number of users grows significantly every month. SoundCloud helps people share songs, audio podcasts, and notes. The program is designed in a user-friendly form so that people can share and find files quickly.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Easy start: SoundCloud is a good platform for discovering new names and sounds. The platform has released some of the best charts, such as New & Hot and Top 50, consisting of piano, metal, and hip-hop. It also produces audiobooks, technology, and business materials for musicians.
  • Cheaper than videos: Video requires a higher production budget than audio. This way, you can save money while using your target audience using SoundCloud’s opportunities.
  • Easy to share music: Although SoundCloud is mainly known for playing music, it is also great for sharing new compositions through messaging and sharing options.
  •  Allows reposts: The platform makes it possible to repost songs, similar to Twitter repost functionality. Therefore, your songs have a better chance of achieving many goals.
  • Helps to make money on music: The ability to earn money from your musical pieces makes SoundCloud the most popular instrument for sharing music. Many DJs, producers, and bands on the platform share their new tracks, hoping to make a big deal.

Image by Rahul Yadav from Pixabay

How to Make Money on Music on SoundCloud

The only way to make money on music is to monetize SoundCloud. SoundCloud monetization is a feature that allows artists and bands to include audio ads for playback during their tracks. As with YouTube, you can turn your profile into money.

There are several facts you should know about monetization:

  • Everyone who plays your music hears the advertising.
  • A safelist means no copyright issues preventing the download.
  • Pre-cleaning ensures that your publication is set up correctly.
  • The platform guarantees that your track will remain online during registration.
  • The service is similar to YouTube but with different processes.

SoundCloud monetization is intended for skilled performers. People should play it at least 5,000 times in the last month to make your track earn money from countries where SoundCloud subscriptions are available.

Where to Start? Create a Marketing Plan

In business, it is common practice to set a goal, define a target market, and then develop a product that meets the needs of that market to achieve the goal.

Understand your ideal fans’ personality as well as their habits.

  • Do they prefer clubbing or visiting music festivals?
  •  Do they like to spend time hanging out at the rooftop bar or enjoy listening to music with a few friends on the couch in the back room?
  • Do they listen to music while working, training, relaxing, or hanging out with friends?

These questions must be asked and answered to know how best to focus on people when you post your music on SoundCloud. There are many ways to get to know your potential fans better:

  • Visit shows of similar local artists or view the subscribers’ profiles of these artists online.
  • If you already have a small fan base, interview your listeners to learn more about them and ask them how they found you.
  • Look at the forums of people who like music like yours and join the conversation.
  • Watch YouTube videos of bands in your genre and see what people say in the comments. See what other bands are associated with you, and then see if any of them are playing in your area soon. Talk to your fans!

Once you know your target market, you can choose the right promotion strategy.

Soundcloud icons created by Freepik – Flaticon

To get to the top of the SoundCloud service, you first need to write good music, then try to look for new followers every day. To do this, add people in a similar direction in tune as you are, and in a few months, you can score more than 10,000 subscribers – this is a vast audience. Unfortunately, there are no quick ways. But here’s what you can do.

Promote Your Music in Social Environment

If you’ve got intelligence, you have to be on social media. That doesn’t mean you have to be on all platforms. Pick one and hang out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever. Choose a platform for social networks that is convenient for you but also where your potential fans mostly are.

One of the great features of SoundCloud is how friendly it is to other social networks. SoundCloud allows you to link your site to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, and Instagram. This way, you can be active on social media, while your SoundCloud profile will be your primary music base.

There are countless ways to communicate on social media:

  • Use your social networks to draw attention to your profile. Ask questions, conduct polls, share opinions about the name of your next album and ask for promotions, retweets, and reposts. Get an organic buzz with hashtags and concert photos.
  • Use free downloads, discounted items, concert tickets, and other incentives. Offer these attractions in exchange for an email subscription or as a reward for remix contests.
  • Involve people. Hold contests, offer gifts, meet and greet or go behind the scenes for your next performance.

How would you like an artist to reach out if you were a fan of your musical pieces?

In addition to purchasing SoundCloud subscribers, one of the best ways to promote your work on this online music platform is to insert a “Buy” link to the music. It is good to increase the number of people who listen to your songs, but it is even better to sell them. Integrating the “Buy” button allows you to achieve this goal.

This button allows you to redirect your listeners to music sales platforms such as iTunes, Bitport, or Bandcamp. The procedure for inserting this link is effortless. When downloading music to the forum, use the “Metadata” option. Then select the links correctly, mentioning all the sites where you can sell your music.

Photo by Paulette Wooten on Unsplash

Add Accurate Tags to Your Songs

The SoundCloud search system is susceptible to tags. They allow users to find you on the platform quickly. That’s why you need to take your time to add realistic and customizable tags to every song you put online. It is a great solution to improve your visibility in a specific genre in a well-oriented community. You can even specify the location in your tags. However, please do not overdo it!

Choose a Good Visual for Songs Deposited on the Platform

Visualizing your songs is an essential element in promoting them. Indeed, the covers give users a first impression of your musical work. In addition, visual effects will be highlighted when you share your songs on social networks.

Even without listening to your song, your potential listeners already imagine the content of the music you offer them. Your visual should therefore be flawless and enticing. It should encourage clicking and listening. You can turn to professional graphic designers to have original and neat visual effects. To maximize the impact of visual effects, use JPG or PNG formats with a minimum size of 800 x 800 pixels.

Be Active on SoundCloud

Once you’ve found your niche and started growing in popularity, it’s time to become active. SoundCloud is the best way to do this.

Follow others. 

It could be another artist whose music you like or a fan of your compositions. Take your chance to expand the list of followers and boost popularity. You may even find another artist interested in collaboration!

Leave comments, but don’t spam! SoundCloud has a terrific commentary feature and allows you to engage in conversations with other artists and potential fans. Use this feature to attract people to your page.

Join groups

Try to join groups that are either geographically focused or genre-based. If you’re a musician in Portland, Oregon, join bands like Portland, Oregon, or Portland Music. If you are an electronic musician, join bands like Electronic Music World. It can be another great way to meet potential fans and other musicians.

Use SoundCloud Marketing Options

You’ve finished planning, and you’ve started making noise online. Awesome! But before you explode, you need to get more plays and followers. Why do you need that?

It is easy for a musician-beginner to get lost in the sea of any social networking platform because you don’t have followers yet. It does not mean that your music is terrible. It just means when people see tracks with low playback, reposts, or comments, they are more likely to click Next.

Your new traffic will not end up in an empty profile. Buying plays helps to advertise yourself and look like you’re growing organically. Remember this trick.

To Conclude

SoundCloud allows users to record, download, and promote music, making this site ideal for new musicians and performers. Despite the simplicity of this server, it helps new DJs and musicians spread their pieces and find their listeners worldwide.

Getting more plays on SoundCloud is not always easy, but it is inevitable if you spend time developing your creativity. When you mix musical masterpieces with a great marketing strategy, the question is not whether people will find your music but WHEN they’ll find it. So enjoy the process of music and learn marketing!


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